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Thursday, 10 November 2011

News: Prospect Park's Wish List

**Prospect Park: TPTB at PP are already making a list of actors who they want to offer contracts to. And the actors who most definitely will be made offers reads something like this:

Maurice Benard
Laura Wright
Chad Duell
Steve Burton
Rebecca Herbst

Scott Reeves
Leslie Charleson
Anthony Geary
Jane Elliott
Jonathan Jackson
Julie Marie Berman
Bradford Anderson
Dominic Zamprogna
Brandon Barash
Nathan Parsons
Kimberly McCullough
Jason Thompson
John J. York

And what about actors not on the above list? Kelly Monaco and Kirsten Storms contract offers may depend on what's happening w/their reality show, "Dirty Soap". GH obviously has no problems with the actresses doing both projects, but PP may have them choose. If they agree to go with PP, their time of DS may end, and vice versa. But most likely, they'll receive contract offers. Their characters, and the actresses, are too popular. As for the other actors not on the list, it's a matter of waiting to find out. Be warned,'s already out there that if GH DOES go to PP, viewers can expect many, many, many changes...and some will be pleasing, and some won't.

One major change is that Jill Farren Phelps will lose her job as EP. PP reportedly has NO plans to offer her a position as EP, not impressed with how she's been running GH while it's been on ABC. Another rumor is that Wolf will also be out. Here's another tidbit for it possible that PP may be already be in talks with a former EP and former headwriter of GH about coming back?

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