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General Hospital 1
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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

News: Bradford Anderson's Last Hourrah?

Recently RavenBeauty took to her facebook page to report that Bradford will be given a major story then written out completely. As history has told us Raven does not usually name names unless she's absolutely sure.

Whoever wanted this information leaked, must have wanted it and done it for some reason.I guess we can try to ask Bradford himself, but you know that actors are always the last to know.

RavenBeauty had this to say:

"I am being told that Spinelli has a major story coming, and then he will be written out. Personally speaking, I adore Spinelli because he is so quirky, lovable, and unusual. Bradford Anderson is pure genus. They have taken away all his skills for a reason. He is being edged out for a reason (this will NOT be announced right away."
No word yet, if there will be a Spixie reunion beforehand.

Personally I love, Bradford's Spinelli. He's quirky, fun and always a pleasure on the screen especially with Stone Cold and Mr. Sir. Will you miss Spinelli.

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