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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Spoilers: Long-Term Unsubstantiated Rumours

Here is your fresh batch of rumours/ spoilers to keep you all warm and fuzzy at night. As per usual these have not be comfirmed or substantiated as of yet. This means that they should be take as a grain of salt; purely for entertainment purposes.

Whether it is true or not, some of it looks mildly interesting:

  • The new Kristina will appear before the end of the year. Kristina finds Yale too difficult and quits. Alexis is filled with guilt because Sonny got her into the school.
  • Expect a "mass exodus" for the actors on GH. I'm guessing, since she's been so outspoken lately, that Nancy Lee Grahn will be going soon. Also there is a rumor that Jane Elliot is leaving and that Maurice Benard and Tony Geary are also leaving. It seems everyone is seeing the writing on the wall.
  • The rumor persists that Edward will die and that on his deathbed, he gives ELQ to Michael, which creates a lot of trouble with Tracy.
  • Shawn is really a Federal Agent. Undercover to spy on Sonny/Jason/The Organization? 
  • Dr. Ewan is actually Valentin, the most evil of all Cassadines. He has involvement in Steven's big secret. 
  • Mac may run for mayor.  
  • Olivia is not really pregnant.
  • Dante is really Kate's, raised by Olivia. There's also a rumor that Spinelli is Kate's son. Aren't they the same age?
  • It gets better (or worse, depending on one's point of view): The Lady In White could be Laura's daughter, twin of Nikolas. 
  • Rumour has it that Y&R is taking a real interest to Becky Herbst. If they persist, they might actually get their wish since JJ may come back temporarily to exit out the character of Elizabeth. Becky's contract will expire next spring.

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