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Monday, 6 January 2014

Future Storylines And Spoilers: Week of January 6th

The new  hottie Nathan West has arrived in PC and he is out to get Silas. Nathan goes to talk to Silas and informs him they have new evidence,  a prescription in Silas’s name for antidepressants in liquid form, dated the day Silas’s wife went into a coma.  
In a panic Silas leaves and goes to see Sam to tell her his side of the story,  he reveals the truth he is in fact married or was.  He informs Sam that his wife attempted suicide, and has been in a coma for over twenty years with no brain activity. Her family has refused to take her off the machines or let him see her. From Silas’s perspective, his wife died a long time ago. Silas swears he had nothing to do with it, and that someone else must have masterminded his wife’s accident, Sam starts to put the pieces together and all fingers point to Ava. Will Sam believe Silas or go on a mission to find out the truth?
Carly shows up at Sonny's, looking for Michael unaware that Heather is looming outside. After a discussion about the boys Carly leaves and runs straight into Heather. She holds Carly at gunpoint, forcing her to pack a bag and make it look like she is leaving town (and Franco) behind forever. 
Morgan reports back to Julian where Julian sees an advantage to Morgans conversation with Sonny and tells Morgan to keep up the roost that he quit working with Julian.  Ava realizes her relationship with Morgan must end, and to protect his loved ones, Morgan is faced with a sea of sacrifice that could take a deadly and dangerous turn in the weeks to come.
At GH Patrick runs into Felix and asks how Sabrina is doing, he realizes Felix is holding something back,  and forces Felix to tell him the truth that Sabrina is pregnant, just as Robin is arriving to hear it;  meanwhile on the other side of town, Carlos offers to claim Sabrina’s baby as his own, but the question is did Sabrina sleep with Carlos and forget?

Get ready for the new Chief of Staff coming to GH and it’s not who you think it will be and on top of that there is a new head of the WSB who sets Port Charles in a turmoil…..Rumor has it that Jason is alive and that Robin is the only one who can bring him back, only time will tell, but don’t expect  Steve Burton to return if this happens a recast will be in the works.

(Source: SoapTownUSA, LooseLips)