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General Hospital 1
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Friday, 11 November 2011

Did You Know?

You might already know this. But remember a few years back when Kelly Monaco won the very first Dancing with the Stars competition, and TPTB at GH wanted to cash in on her dancing ability. Hence the reason behind Guza creating the Sam/ Alicia Montenegro s/l.

It mainly revolved around Allegra Montenegro, who has set up a wedding between her Eurotrash daughter Alicia and a rich guy named Andrew, but Alicia refuses to cooperate.
Allegra then forces Sam to pretend to be Alicia, with the idea that she would go through with the marriage and consummate it so Allegra could get her grubby little hands on Andrew’s money. However, Alicia and her fiancee love to ballroom dance. Sam is no dancer. So they had this whole scene where Andrew was showing her how to dance, and in a matter of a few episodes she became a dancing queen.

Well appearently the gentleman who played Andrew was a contestant on the Australian DWTS, and Allegra was played by Meg Bennett, an actress and soap writer who is also Mrs. Bob Guza. I guess when you're HW you can afford to put in your wife a a recurring charactor.

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