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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

News: The Demise of Jonathan Jackson (Update)

The following is an update regarding the leaving of Jonathan Jackson. 

In an interview with TV Guide, Jonathan Jackson confirmed he will be leaving "General Hospital." His last air date as Lucky will be during the week of December 19. He cited physical and emotional exhaustion from all the tragedy and angst he's had to play - Jake's [James Nigbor] death, Luke's [Anthony Geary] downfall, Siobhan's [Erin Chambers] death, Lucky's addiction - as the reason for his departure.

Jackson explained that while he is thankful for being given so much work, "There was just no reprieve. I have a wife and three kids and other things in life I have to think about. I just knew I couldn't sustain the schedule at "GH" and that kind of emotion for much longer. It was just too intense."

It seems Lucky's exit will occur when the character returns to Ireland. He won't die or get a recast, so, according to Jackson, a return is a possibility. He also shared that his real life son Titus will continue playing Aiden.

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