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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Quote: Nathan Parsons on Ethan

Nathan Parsons (Ethan) knows he’s lucky. He’s come close to losing his GH job on many occasions. His character didn’t warm instantly with audiences, especially after TPTB chose to connect him to Luke and Holly at Laura’s expense. And he’s on the verge of the end of his current contract too.

He’s also tired of playing a hero to damsels in distress, remembering that his original entrance was as a younger Luke, a jaded, lying, conniving, self-centered con artist.

“When I first met with [current head writer] Garin Wolf I told him I was tired of Ethan being the official rescuer of damsels in distress. When I came on the show I was at the wrong end of a shotgun robbing a casino. Ethan wasn't a good guy. There was a lot of darkness in there, and it got darker when Holly showed up. Then something changed and Ethan was suddenly this superhero. I told Garin I wanted to go back to where Ethan was at the beginning, to that more sinister place where you don't know if you can trust him. Maybe he doesn't trust himself. We don't know a whole lot about his history. We know he lies a lot.” 

On the new character, the woman in white, played by Alyshia Oschse Nathan had this to say:

"Alyshia Ochse is phenomenal! She's going to be a lot of fun for the audience to watch. She's a smart, impulsive actress who really challenges me, even though she hasn't even said anything yet! It'll take a while for her to speak. There's been so much tension building with this story. Ethan's been chasing this mystery being — they've been running circles around each other forever — and she is not what he expected. It's not going to be a traditional soap romance and I love that. [Laughs] They won't be courting or going on dates. It's very Wuthering Heights, the kind of epic, fantastical mystery GH hasn't done in years. I just love the larger-than-life scope of it. When Ethan and the Woman finally meet it's all shock and awe. He is obsessed with her, though he's not even sure she's real."
Nathan's contract will be up early next year. I guess we'll have to wait and see what's in store for Ethan Lovett.


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