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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Spoilers: Garin Wolf's New Year's Plans

The following are spoilers, rumours, news, form DD lounge. Most of these spoilers are for the new year. As usual, these are not written in stone and may change without warning. Nonetheless, enjoy: 

Sonny/Kate: If you are tired of the last 20 years of “The Sonny Show”, fear not! It’s not as if PC’s favorite mob boss is moving to the backburner, but he won’t be as front and center anymore, either. And we may see a lighter side of Sonny - well, as light as a mob boss can be, anyway.

-Skate will move slowly but surely towards couple-dom again, but it’s going to be a bumpy ride. One reason: Kristina. Her return – and new attitude – will give Sonny a few gray hairs, while Kate is going to get a crash course on being a stepmommy.

-Kate is hiding a BIG, BIG secret from her new/old love, but is it the fact that Sonny has, yet again, another child out there somewhere? Not necessarily. But Kate’s secret WILL have huge ramifications for Sonny, and for Skate.

Dante/Lulu: There’s a reason why Detective Delores and Detective Dante are getting so much screen time. Yep, there's going to be a triangle! TPTB are very impressed with Rebekah Montoya (Delores Padilla) and want to keep her on. Whether or not Julie Marie Berman leaves the show, expect a Lante/Delores triangle.

-Sonny, who may be the first one to get a clue about his grown son and his partner, will be humorously horrified by the pairing (D&D), Olivia will support it, and Kate, too, will have an opinion. And her choice will be Lulu…for now.

-Lulu’s road down Alcoholism Lane won’t be a pretty one. And it won’t only affect her relationship with Dante. Expect her hitting the bottle to have an affect almost everyone in PC.

The Webbers: Right now, there are no plans to bring Sarah back to town, but Jeff Webber, Elizabeth and Steven’s long absentee father, is another story. Reportedly, GH has contacted Jeff Webber’s original portrayer, Richard Dean Anderson, about making a brief appearance sometime during Feb. Sweeps, but he doesn’t seem too interested. That’s not to say viewers won’t see him, however.

-As for Mrs. Jeff Webber, she’s not expected to return, so we’ll probably never see her. But maybe, at least, we’ll get to learn her name! (As of yet, her name has never been mentioned. As you all know, Steven’s mother is Heather Webber).

-If Jeff Webber comes back to town, it’s rumored that Rachael Ames will come out of retirement briefly to interact with her stepson. And speaking of Audrey Hardy, if GH does go off the air, TPTB would like to bring her back for that final episode.

Michael: The Junior Mob Prince has been sort of MIA lately, but he’ll be back. Rumor is, he and Johnny, of all people, may just form an unlikely friendship over their “daddy issues”. And just as they embark on a Bromance (think Sason) a woman – of course – comes into the mix…by the name of Abby? Or is it Gina?

-And where does that leave Mabby? Rumor is, Abby will leave PC before any damage is done to Johnny/Michael.

 Ethan: There are plans to move Ethan to the head of the Spencer family, and with all the Spencer’s leaving town, really, what choice do they have? However, with his family taking off, Ethan may be in the perfect position to be in Kristina’s sights…and bed.

-But wait! Who’s that new chicky hanging around? Why, that would be Gina! There are reports that we’re going to have an interesting five-some – Johnny/Michael/Ethan/Gina/Kristina.

Carly/Shawn: It’s been reported that Laura Wright may be leaving the role that won her an Emmy earlier this year, and those rumors are getting stronger. It seems that TPTB wonder if there are anymore roads Carly can travel. Frons, of course, is infuriated with the thought – keep in mind, Frons handpicked Laura Wright to take over the role from Jennifer Brandsford – and he’s let his anger be known. But this is one area where Frons may be overruled.

Kristina: As stated earlier, a new Kristina is coming…and for those viewers who watched in the mid-90’s when a certain blonde troublemaker came to PC creating all kinds of havoc (**cough cough, Carly), well, this time she has brown hair, but the attitude and antics will be almost identical.

 Mac/Alexis: John J. York, who is still, technically, on contract, may be bumped to recurring. He’s played the role since 1991. And what about a Mac/Alexis romance? Well, that may be out, along with “Who’s Sam’s Daddy?” s/l.

-NLG is pushing ABC’s buttons over her opinionated outspokenness, and her latest “victim” – Vera Wang – may be the final straw. Regardless of who said what to whom, NLG may learn that there are some that names that you don’t attack. Vera Wang is a very well-liked, very well-respected – not to mention a very powerful – woman in entertainment, even though she’s not an actor/producer/etc. And there are some power-players who don’t like when the Queen of Designers are attacked. In other words, NLG may discover what happens when you storm the Queen’s castle. All kidding aside, NLG latest twitter campaign isn’t going over so well with ABC Execs. Reportedly, they’ve been wanting to get rid of NLG for a while, and now may finally have an “excuse” to do it. They’re fed up with her attitude, and want her out.

Liz/Matt/Ewen: Elizabeth (who will be getting A LOT of screentime over the next several months) will be in her own s/l with the two docs (Matt & Ewan) but also in the Lady In White s/l, and, peripherally, the JaSam/Scrubs/Rape s/l.

Sam/Liz/Carly: With Laura Wright possibly leaving, that would leave one spot open on GH’s leading lady list (Kelly Monaco has the other spot). And who will their choice be? You got it! Elizabeth Webber may very well become GH’s second leading lady. And this is something GW is pushing for hard. The main reason being: Elizabeth is a Hardy/Webber. In GW’s opinion, the Hardy/Webber family should be more front and center since they are the founding family of GH/PC.

-Since her introduction, Elizabeth has only been considered a supporting character, but GW wants to change that. And he may get his wish. And this is the reason for all the Liz-bashing that’s occurring (at least on the show). GW wants to build the character up again so she’s ready for that leading lady spot. It could also be the reason why viewers may see a Sam/Liz friendship unexpectedly develop – not that they’re enemies (not anymore, at least), but GW feels the show would be stronger if GH’s two leading ladies were friendly.

Triangles: It’s no secret that GW LOVES triangles, and we’re going to see a lot of them. Here are the reported threesomes coming our way: Dante/Delores/Lulu...Matt/Maxie/Spin...Johnny/Michael/Abby...Matt/Elizabeth/Ewan...Jason/Elizabeth/Sam (but not in the traditional love-triangle way)... Kate/Sonny/Olivia...Olivia/Maggie/Steven... Okay, I’ll stop. You get the point. But some triangles will be obvious, others, not so much. Some will be downright shocking. Case in point: A third party may come between Jason and Sam, but it WON’T be Elizabeth. I’m not saying that JaSam won’t get their happy ending, but angst is part of the game, folks.

February Sweeps: Lisa's killer will be revealed.

Prospect Park: Prospect Park is just waiting for GH’s cancellation to be announced. They’re anxious to get the daytime soap on their line-up, and reportedly, all that’s needed is a signature on the dotted line. It appears that PP has already made an offer for GH, and although ABC hasn’t technically accepted, it’s just a matter of when. If that happens – or, rather, when – viewers can expect an entirely different show. PP also seems to also have contracts/offers all ready for GH actors to sign. But who they’ll offer contracts to – and who they won’t – might be a little shocking.

Jake: Yes, Jake fans...the possibility that GW is bringing back the blonde little tot is growing. It's rumored that he's been given the go-ahead by ABC's head-honchos, (meaning, not Frons) to bring the pre-schooler back to life. And that makes things great for Jason and Liz, but not so much for Jason and Sam.

-Jason/Liz: It's rumored that after the first of the year, they'll learn their son is alive and take off together to look for him, but their relationship will remain strictly platonic. There will be no affair, no liaison (sorry, couldn't resist), no lying, no cheating... Everybody will be on the up and up. Sam will want to go with them but she won't be able to because of her pregnancy, leaving her back in PC with...Dr. Ewan?

-Again, no affair there, but Dr. Ewan may have use for Sam in whatever plan he's got cooking. There are also rumors that he may be involved in Jake's mysterious rise from the dead...because he's the one who reveals he's really alive (anonymously) in order to get Jason and Liz out of town to move in on Sam.

-And does Maxie make Sam's situation worse by "insinuating" as her friend that there may be something more going on between Liz and Jason than there really is?

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