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General Hospital 1
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Monday, 7 November 2011

News: RE Garin Wolf's Demise

For some he was a breath of fresh air after a storm, for others not so much. Whatever your opinion of him is, it seems that Garin Wolf has been given his walking papers. Of course ABC has denied all rumurs as per usual.

Whether this is true or not, expect GH to get dark, VERY dark.

Before Christmas Franco sends a message congratulating "all of them" on the baby for Christmas. Kelly Monaco asked for a close set during these scenes so how it goes down I can't say. Look for Jason to go ballistic and yes it will be the end of Franco as Jason does kill him finally and these scenes were also closed set and I hear both were very intense. 

Get ready for a shocker coming to a TV near you, it involves a past tragedy and will be inserted into a present storyline.

Do you think Garin did some good in his short reign?

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