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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Quote: Steve Burton on the Rape Storyline

Although neither the viewers nor the couple actually saw/recall what happened both Sam and Jason both assume that Franco raped Sam. For them, Steve Burton, in SOD, explains, "Until we find out otherwise it did happen and it becomes a huge divide between them right after they got married." Although they try to keep the incident to themselves, Spinelli is quick to notice that something is wrong with Sam.

Jason looses his temper in front of Sonny and becomes unhinged when Sonny questions him about Franco.  Burton, "his wife got raped and he blames himself"  There is a lot of anger, rage and sadness; he will be loosing it more. In SOW, Steve Burton says, "Jason's got one thing on his mind. He's determined to make sure that Franco doesn't get away with this."

Despite the horror of what happened, Jason and Sam are determined to keep it together and avoid a total meltdown. Steve Burton, in SOD, explains, "Obviously, this puts a major kink into their plans they had as a couple. You just get married and your wife gets raped- that is a horrible and tragic situation. They're going to have to deal with that now day by day and we as actors are going to have to deal with it scene by scene. We loved playing the honeymoon stuff because it was fun. but right now we are back into the pain. What happened here is totally unfair. It keeps them the tragic couple they've been in the past but this is uncharted territory for both of them, and we'll see them go places they've never been before. But I am optimistic that they will find their way back to each other."
In SOW, Burton continues, "It gives us an entire road to play on regarding their relationship, and that's what its really about. Does she still want to be with him. Does she want to pursue having a baby after being raped?"

Once they find out where Franco is, if he dies, if he doesn't, there is more good story to come.
"We're going to find out where this takes Jason.  He used to be called, 'Anger Boy', remember that? You ain't seen nothing yet.  Getting Franco, if he can, is a start, but what we really have to do is repair the damage that was done, and that's the next journey for Jason and Sam."

How do you feel about this stroyline?