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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Spoilers: Long-Term Spoilers Months May/June/July

The following are unsubstantiated spoilers the months of May (Which includes Sweeps)/June/(And Early) July. 

These, as always, should be taken with a huge grain of salt. Nonetheless, ENJOY!! 
-Lindsay Morgan appears as NUKristina Corinthos-Davis on May 21st. She comes home after dropping out of Yale when she finds out what are parents did. 
-Kristina meets Michael's new friend Starr and the claws come out: Kristina will become the wild child Alexis never dreamed of...
-Here’s a spumour from Daytime Dish about the return of OLTL’s Blair soon, and some rumored drama about her and TPTB: 
“It's June. And they kissed her ass. All's well and she gets to sing, as well. But it is back to Todd. She gets what she wants as they really feel they need her. And they do feel bad surprisingly. They love her but know they handled this badly. Note the difference in how they've handled the backlash. They fell on their sword in their minds.”
-Look for OLTL’s Natalie, Liam, and Viki to cross over to GH… And this: 
“Expect pony rides, face painting, fireworks and maybe a clown or two (not to mention storyline culminations, a big return or two and whatever else FV can pull out of his hat) the week of July 23 and the week of September 17. ABCD has set these two weeks as ‘target weeks.’”
-Shawn finally returns in the next few weeks to flesh out the Molly-and-T.J. story, that had been back-burnered to accommodate Sean Blakemore’s movie project. A huge rumor making the rounds on SoapZone’s GH board is that Shawn is really with the FBI and will join forces with McBain to nail Sonny.
-Felicia is back and TPTB loved her work so much they have invited her to do more episodes. The plan is to heal the Jones family. TPTB are going to put Mac and Felicia together and fans should be happy about their upcoming interactions. I hear no romance as of now, alot depends on whether Frisco comes home.
-RC also wants to connect the dots with Sam's father. He is looking for a way to bring this story to the forefront but over the last few months the direction has changed and at this point no one knows where Ron is taking this story or if at all?
-Nothing on the Lucky return, the announcement regarding his primetime pilot, “Nashville”, isn’t due until the middle of May, it's looking good the show will be on the fall line-up. So he may or may not come back to wrap up LnL2.
-Ex-Maxie Kirsten Storms has been tweeting up a storm again, teasing co-star Jason Thompson (Patrick), saying hi to fans, saying she’s better, even tweeting her former-friend-turned-rival-back-to-friends again, Farah Fath (ex-Gigi, OLTL; ex-Mimi, DOOL). Might this mean Storms will return to be Maxie for May Sweeps?
-Could the Nurse's Ball (1994-2001) be returning to Port Charles after 12 years? Whispers are that TPTB really want to bring it back and now with so many of the actors so musical inclined it appears to be a possibility. Only problem is the show must get Lynn Herring to come back. As any GH viewer knows there is no Nurse's Ball without Lucy Coe. (still it wouldn't be happening till at least after July)
-In a recent tweet Frank Valentini tweeted "Hey, what's with all these rumors about Brandon Barash leaving? NOT HAPPENING." Seems word leaked out and it spread like wildfire all over the net. I am hearing TPTB are not happy about this latest information.

This story, which has been a little island at the police station with just Lulu, Dante, Delores and some strippers that we don't know or see, will intersect with another story in May. It will become something bigger and we'll see how Lulu reacts when the crisis is over and where it takes her next.

You will see the return of Molly during May and you will see the status of her relationship with TJ, who we haven't seen much since Alexis banned her from seeing this boy. The actor that plays Shawn was shooting a movie, so we didn't have access to him for awhile. When we find out the status of the TJ and Molly relationship, Shawn will come back into the mix.

These are big important characters and there will be romantic stakes there. Heather is in the picture and may see Anna as a potential threat to her happiness with Luke, even though it's in her own mind. The other complication would be Tracy. Should Tracy worry about Luke and Anna?  You are definitely seeing a friendship, but there are also some sparks there. What that may turn into, you will have to wait and see.  For now however, Luke has his cap set on reclaiming "Spanky-buns"!

Luke and Tracy have a fun story of how they get rid of Anthony (Zacharra)! Meanwhile, Heather has an unhealthy fixation on Luke. That will put people like Anna and Tracy in the crosshairs. Of course, half the town will wind up there sooner or later!  Heather's making a list of who she doesn't like or who is standing between her and her happiness.

Jason's problems are twofold at this point, Jason wants to love the baby and intends to love the baby, but when Jason is being honest with himself , he says, 'I don't know I may not be able to because of where the baby came from.'  Sam is stuggling with her own feelings about her unborn child. She's the one who has been raped but it is easier for her to love her unborn child. So that becomes an issue between Jason and Sam, and it's compounded by the fact that when Jason sees John he sees red. She seems to be turning to John for support, and that is one more thing that Jason cannot deal with.  John has a job to do, which is to find justice for his sister against Sonny.

Just as we have seen Sam turn to John in moments of crisis and despair, Jason turns to Elizabeth for the same sort of consolation and a friend to confide in. Although Liz will be Jason's sounding board, she is dating Ewen right and is not interested in Jason romantically right now. Still, that will just prove to complicate the John, Sam, Jason triangle. And, with such a history between Liz and Jason, one has to wonder what is going to happen as the two grow closer.
Sonny and Kate work through Kate's issues with DID. Connie runs wild during May, and people are coming at Sonny from all sides. What does Sonny catching Connie and Johnny together do to Sonny and Kate's relationship and to Carly and Johnny's relationship? To be betrayed in the worst possible way, to have her sleep with another man, someone he despises, it's a huge challenge for Sonny, who is unaware of her illness. It will be a real test for Sonny as a man. For Carly and Johnny, it's an uphill battle. His huge betrayal is something that Carly does not take to kindly to.

Carly and Todd are really great together. And now that Johnny has been caught red-handed bedding another woman ("Connie") all bets are off!

Téa Delgado
What brings Todd's ex-wife from Llanview to Port Charles?  She comes to help deal with Starr's legal situation after she takes certain actions. Its an interesting dynamic there, because we know Téa would do anything to help Starr, but she also hates Todd. So its not going to be the easiest situation.

Also in May, viewers will find out who really shot out Anthony's tires!


Maxie is sentenced to 20 years in prison and it does seem very bleak.  (Does this remind anyone else of when Felicia was to be imprisoned for the "murder" of Ryan Chamberlain when Maxie was a baby?  "You are my sunshine...My only sunshine...")

May becomes about Spinelli discovering the identity of the real killer of Lisa Niles and how does he use that to save Maxie? The truth about that will be more complicated than Spinelli bargained for.

Matt has his own problems with Maxie.


Poor Felicia. She finally shows up for her daughter, to be there for her, and of course it's when she's carted off to prison for 20 years. Felicia's relationship with Mac starts off confrontational, but we know there's love and history there. It's a question of whether they'll be able to recapture something they once had.

Stripper Beater Mystery
Look for this story to unexpectedly collide with another, causing some people to team up that you might not expect.

-Starr’s latest stunt—attempting to take Sonny hostage—will land her in trouble with the law. Todd and Téa will come from OLTL’s Llanview to help her. It’s been rumored that Téa might be brought over as a romantic foil for Sonny.
-Starr is arraigned for the attempted murder of Sonny.
-Johnny tries another tactic to win back Carly, only for Todd to intervene.
-Luke and Anna end up babysitting their grandchildren together to Heather’s chagrin.
-Starr confides in Kate about her recent loss.
-Michael insists to Sonny he has no qualms testifying against Starr.
-Carly gives Michael good advice regarding Starr.
-Téa tries to convince Starr to discredit Michael.
-Starr remains in PCPD custody.
-Todd overhears as Kate admits her fears to Alexis at the PCPD.
-Todd makes plans to solicit a deal from Sonny: He attempts to emotionally blackmail Sonny.
-Sonny sees Kate confronting Connie(!!!) and realizes how sick Kate is.
-Sonny asks Alexis for help.
-Téa and Carly face off.
-Michael learns the truth about Molly and TJ.
-Patrick admits to Matt that he needs help with his grief: He asks Epiphany to reassign his patients.
-Liz pays Ewen a visit.
-Olivia finds the timing of Maggie’s death disturbing.
-Mac and Felicia hope Spinelli will get through to Maxie.
-Spinelli is faced with a difficult decision in court.
-Spinelli announces Lisa Niles’ real murderer in court.
-Maxie tells Matt the truth about what happened the night Lisa Niles was murdered.
-Maxie admits her cover-up, she is grateful for Spinelli.
-Anthony eavesdrops as Luke and Tracy discuss unsettling news.
-Luke straightens Tracy out.

-Connie will use most of the summer to wreak further havoc on the unsuspecting citizens of Port Charles. -Sonny and Kate, however, will work through this conflict. 
-What if Heather had ties to one Ms. Allison Perkins who has ties to Victor. Tying Victor to?
-What if Sam was not raped, and Jason is the father, and Franco is not Jason's twin, but is Steven Lars's twin? 
-Ask yourself why Heather set Sam up to take another test? Why the test must read Franco? 
-Because Heather, like Franco, enjoys playing mind games.
-What if Sean Connelly came back to help his old buddies?
-What if Sam had twins?
-What if Sam and John were related?

(Source: SoaptownUsa, GHH,


  1. I would love for Sam to have Twins,but I doubt it will happen. It is rather stupid for Jason to keep yelling at his Raped Pregnant wife about confiding in John,which He doesnt like, bur yet HE continues to confide Sam's Personal business with LIZ, the woman He LIED to Sam for, who he also knows that Sam doesnt like him doing it, yet Sam is the Wrong person in this mess?It was Jason's "FRIENDSHIP with Liz that started this mess because she had nowhere else to go, now here he is doing the same thing even though he has Sonny,I am sure next thing we know, he'll be back in bed with her and then act like it was Sam's fault again, like he did with her and Ric.

  2. Rose-coloured glasses worn by JaScammers once again....cause we all know Scam is ohh so innocent! Please. Can't wait for Jason to leave Scam's ass for good, she's redeemable if and when she gets together with McBain. Jason and Liz are soul mates and have been since the day they met...they will be back together.

  3. Stupid, how the hell is Jason and Liz soul mate, what GH have you been watching, no one and I main, no body bring out the best and the worst if we must say so in Jason other than Sam, and they can still LOVE each other and that's what you call soul mate, when you have to seek around to see someone tha a booty call. JASAM forever.

  4. so right, Jason can direspect Lucky and Sam when he keep having Liz coming to him and complain about Lucky and never tell her not to come by his home as much as Sam ask him, his answer is always we are friends.. then guess what the fuck Jason Sam and John is friend big hypocrite

  5. I am so sick of the new regime, bringing in all their oltlers, changing the storylines for the worse, trying to cut out less commericals to make it better. The plots are just running together and never ending. Doesn't make since anymore. Bring back JFP and BG. GH was worth watching and more exciting. Viewers are fooling themselves if we believe GH will be renewed for year 2013. ABC wants to go to all talk show formats. Give GH a happy ending and enough with this crap!!!!

    1. LOL, I would be astonished if you were serious!