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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Spoilers: DD Lounge

The following are spoilers/rumours/news tidbits for GH. Please know that Long-term spoilers have a tendency of not being true, so please take it with a grain of salt and don't shoot the messenger!!

  • Sam takes a pregnancy test at the hospital right after the attack as a precaution before taking a morning after pill. I do not see how there can be a WTD if she gets a positive test the morning after.
  • Ewen was working in Ireland before coming to PC and I think there may be hints that someone he cared about died there. I have no idea if or how this connects to Siobhan or Lucky. I would imagine there is a connection, but I dont have any idea what it might be.
  • Abby and Michael will have issues about Michael's mob activities. That leads to her ending up in a situation with Johnny. Johnny and Abby share a secret after the 'situation'. Michael observes and misinterprets the 'situation'. He goes off on a tangent and meets up with (Direct quote here) "Sorority Bitch/Mob Princess from Hell."
  • She wants to prove to her daddy, who wishes he had a son, that she can be a big bad mobster herself. Together she and Michael make good little mob kid mischief. Which makes Sonny and Carly wish they could send him to Military School.
  • No Lante wedding in sight. Doesn't mean its never happening though.
  • Ethina is not the story planned when Kristina returns. The show is currently working on Ethins having a love interest and has brought on someone completely new (Much to Nathan's delight)
  • So who will Ethan's mystery woman be? You have to tune in to find out but she will be tied to the Wyndemere storyline!
  • Johnny is getting a new love interest very soon. A certain brunette will have her eyes set on him very soon. 
  • She's there to comfort him when he finds out Anthony's secret.
  • Sam has Jason's baby, a little girl.
  • Carly is going to be back into Sonny's business by Xmas.
  • Robin is the first person on the list of suspects. It looks a lot like it was her, when, in fact, it was not. Patrick sees the clues and decides that the mother of his child is not going to jail. Patrick admits to the murder and is put in jail. 
  • I think the video he did was a foreshadowing to him not being there for his child. However, neither, Patrick or Robin killed Lisa. The person who did refuses to step up, not until februaru sweeps.
  • With Shelly Altman joining Garin Wolf as the new headwriter, many may ask, "Why?" Opinions are varying, but some are saying that Wolf lost credibility by becoming a "scab" writer during the WGA strike in 2008. Wolf left the union in order to keep writing, and is felt by many in his profession to be a traitor. Altman was hired, reportedly, to bring some of that credibility back. 
  • There are also opinions that Altman was brought on to improve the quality of the way women are being portrayed on GH. It appears that GH thinks that if they have a female co-headwriter, the female fans (who are the majority of daytime viewers) will feel more positive about the way the females in Port Charles are viewed.

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