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Monday, 14 November 2011

News: Nancy Lee Grahn's At It Again

Outspoken soap diva Nancy Lee Grahn set the Twitter world ablaze last night, by disclosing some shocking claims about former General Hospital scribe Bob Guza.

Grahn told fans the reason the Alexis and Sonny (Maurice Benard) pairing was split up was due to Guza.

According to Grahn:

"Re Alexis becoming Sonny's lawyer; because fans like interaction between the two of us. Guza denied fans that and will expalin in a blog"
"Expalin" is a freudian slip due to my inexplicable turrets-like annoyance about anything Palin. I meant to say "explain" Forgive me"
"to all sexis fans; was intentional agenda to dismantle anything sexis when Guza came back after strike. Had to remain silent to keep job"
"From what i know Guza wanted Liz out and Jill Phelps wanted her to stay and made that happe."
"I love becky and love Jill more for having the sense to make that happen"

(Daytime Confidential)

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