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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Appearences: Brandon Barash and Kristen Storms

He may be gone from Port Charles, but fans of Brandon Barash (ex-Johnny) will still have the chance to see the actor. Barash will be making a few appearances former co-star, and current girlfriend, Kirsten Storms (Maxie) on the East Coast this month. Take a look at where you can catch them: 

When: Saturday April 27 at 1:00 PM.
Where: McGuires Comedy Club, located at 1627 Smithtown Avenue in Bohemia, NY.
Tickets are $73 and include the show, a Q&A, autographs and photo ops. Call 631-467-5413 for more information.

When: Saturday April 27 from 7:00 PM until 10:00 PM.
Where: Private Dinner in Astoria, NY.
Tickets are $165 and include dinner and a complimentary glass of wine. Call 718-728-8581 for more information.

Sunday April 28 at 11:00 AM.
Where: Uncle Vinnie's, located at 520 Arnold Avenue in Point Pleasant, NJ.
Tickets are $65. Call 732-899-3900 for more information. 

Friday, 12 April 2013

News: OLTL Trio Back At GH.

A recent statement from and ABC spokeperson read:
"Kristen Alderson, Michael Easton and Roger Howarth will return to ABC’s ‘General Hospital’ beginning May 10. Exciting storylines full of mystery and intrigue are planned to usher in the return of these actors that will lead to the answer of one of the most asked questions in Port Charles.” 
 It is not known how the actors will return. A report surfaced recently via TV Guide that they will not be playing their original “One Life To Live” characters.

In fact, it seems like that might be the case as earlier this week, Michael Corinthos III (Chad Duell) answered a call from his girlfriend, Starr Manning, and based on his side of the conversation, she never wanted to see him again. 

Monday, 1 April 2013

Spoilers: Spoilers Week of April 1st

These are the spoilers for the week of April 1st:

Helena threatens Laura.
Luke puts his life on the line to protect Laura's.
A.J. rips into Tracy when she gloats about stealing the relish recipe.
Monica pushes AJ to know what's up between him and Elizabeth.

Carly unloads on her mother about Todd.
Sonny tries to digest Brenda's news.
Felicia and Anna share their problems with men. Felicia can't make a decision about Mac and Frisco.
Noah wants to know if Bobbie and Scott are an item.
Patrick is annoyed when Emma talks about Sabrina's "boyfriend".
Carly and Sonny decide to go to the Nurses Ball together.
Lucy approves opening numbers, supervises rehearsals, amasses evening gowns.
Spinelli and Ellie put their differences aside for the performance.
Expect GH characters of the past, among them, Steve Hardy, Jessie Brewer, and Amy Vining, to be remembered at the Nurse's Ball.
Epiphany gives the new interns a tour, while a few familiar faces return.
Could the missing Quartermaine heir have connections to another powerful family in Port Charles?