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Friday, 2 December 2011

Spoilers: Long-Term Spoilers for the Month of December

The following are spoilers and/or rumours for the month of December. As per usual these have not be comfirmed and/or substantiated as of yet. That means they should be taken as a grain of salt; purely for entertainment purposes. Nonetheless, enjoy!

_Franco continues to send gifts.
_Dante invites Delores out for drinks.
_Sam continues to investigate the attacks on Abby's friends.
_Maggie gives Patrick advice (not that he asks for it).
_Liz writes a letter to Lucky.

_Molly goes missing at Wyndemere.
_Shawn, Carly and Jason are shocked by a DVD.
_Jason finds Franco.
_Franco's words leave Sam reeling with anger and disgust.
_Dante has no choice but to arrest Jason.
_Patrick thinks Robin is confessing that she killed Lisa.

_Robin asks Jason for help; she wants him to help her disappear!
_Robin realizes that something is very wrong with Jason (medically).
_Jason confides in Robin.

_Lucky tells Liz that things are over between them.

_A highly emotional Liz collapses and ends up in Shadybrook again.
_Matt confronts Lucky about Liz’s voluntary check-in at Shadybrook
_Liz encounters another patient at Shadybrook and wonders if they have met before. (Ewan?)
_Ethan is determined to get more acquainted with the mysterious woman in white.
_Sam and Jason try to reconnect intimately.
_Robin talks to Patrick about her test results
_Franco continues to send gifts.
_Liz, Ewen and Matt get acquainted.
_Coleman shows Jason more of Franco’s artwork in Port Charles. (What does the "O" mean?")
_Shawn shares important news regarding Jason with Carly.
_Michael gets a loving call from Abby – but receives unexpected news.
_Maxie warns Lulu that she can only push Dante away so many times before he decides to stay away.
_Lucky and Maggie trade spiritual experiences.
_Lucky visits Liz in Shadybrook. Where she voluntarily checked herself in.
_What does Anthony want from Maxie?
_Despite some net rumors that Bradford Anderson is leaving the show, he tweeted the following: 

"I love spinelli rumor days.. Thank you everyone for getting fiery!!! Word upstairs is that I'm safe."
_Spin asks Maxie to spend the holidays with him.
_Matt may try to interfere with Liz and Lucky's holiday plans with the boys. (This plays out prior to       ..Christmas).
_Robin and Patrick spend Christmas together.
_Dante thinks Lulu is trying to change him. Which pushes him futhur away...and into Dolores' arms.
_Sam asks Michael to keep the second DVD from Franco a secret from Jason.
_Sam and Michael go to Chicago on a lead. (Jason may soon follow.)


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