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General Hospital 1
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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Spoilers: Week of December 5th.

These are your spoilers for the week of December 5th.

When Lucky reiterates that they are over, Elizabeth gets a crazy idea, to do do something to get Lucky's attention;
A highly emotional Liz collapses and ends up in Shadybrook again;

Sonny and Kate heat things up, when she comes to his rescue;
Shawn moves in with Carly and sparks fly;
Coleman takes Jason on a tour of the recent graffiti pieces that Franco has been leaving around town;
Dante takes desperate measures to contain an upset Jason, he sends him to prison;
After a big fight with Lulu, Dante asks Dolores out for drinks;

Patrick the misinterprets the message in Robin's words. He believe she is confessing to the murder of Lisa;
Maxie, Spinelli, Robin, Patrick, Steve, Olivia, Johnny, are gathered together by Mac to investigate Lisa's murder

Blame is pointed in all directions when all the suspect are brought back to the scene of the crime;
Dante finds a dead body aboard the boat!
Maxie takes a break form her search for Matt to give Lulu some guidance about love, life, and Dante
Delores steals Dante’s key to the Evidence Room;

Lost of cast and crew changes.

Happy news from Brandon Barash.

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