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General Hospital 1
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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Spoilers: Mid-to-End of December 2011

The following are spoilers and/or rumours for mid to end month of December. As per usual these have not be confirmed and/or substantiated as of yet. That means they should be taken as a grain of salt; purely for entertainment purposes. Nonetheless, enjoy!

_Lucky takes another trip to Ireland, despite Cam's wishes for his parents to reunite.
_Robin phones Brenda.
_Dante calls an old Bensonhurst friend.
_Dante and Lulu finally get hitched. They get married on Christmas in a simple,
small, church wedding-which will be decked out for the holidays.
_Expect thoughtful gestures and tears of joy from Olivia.
_Jason and Sam renew their love on Christmas Eve. (Vow renewal?)
_Cam is NOT happy about the new man in Liz's life; Ewen.
_Franco just keeps sending gifts.
_The Corinthos office gets a surprise meant for Jason.
_It seems that Lulu's issues with drinking are only just beginning.
_Sam learns she is pregnant. She then begins to question the paternity of her baby.
_Michael undergoes an emotional crisis. Abby may not be there to be his rock.
_Lucky finds a surprise waiting for him when he leaves town.
_Maxie and Anthony form an alliance.

_Liz slaps Maxie.

_Something is wrong with Shawn. Carly takes him to the hospital.

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