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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Spoilers: RC and FV's Plans

The following are Spoilers/Rumours/News under the new RC and FV regime:

Supposedly, the first order of business for new HW RC is to fix the "mess" that is Liz right now. RV considers Liz character a "legacy

Hearing that JMB is not happy with her characters direction (i.e. alcoholism). If JMB bolts, that role would be assigned to BW.

If JMB were to leave, Lulu would be re-cast.
One of the changes to Robin's story is she will now be presumed dead, instead of dead dead. ABC was open to having GH be lead in for Couric if ratings for either The Chew or Revolution would not support Couric. The experiment of having The Chew air on Soapnet was an attempt to boost viewership in key demographics. It was unsuccessful. They have quite a bit on the line financially with Couric. The current GH ratings were abysmal. The new regime has it's work cut out for it.
Under GW Dante was supposed to have screwed Delores by now. With Lulu finding out and turning to the bottle big time- ull blown drunk. Under new regime, Delores could still cause some problems for them, but nothing earth shattering. 
According to Tracee, AIDS death is still off the table, but so is the car wreck. HNY said that he/she heard they MIGHT go the gaslighting route with her illness at least, and that they also might do a Lucky style death as well, i.e. the same person who gaslit to make Robin think she is dying from AIDS also makes it seem like she is dead.
Ewen will become LuLu's BFF, her person to lean on like Jason is to Carly.
Shawn and Kate were to have a past connection which was to be a quadrangle with Sonny/Carly/Kate/Shawn. There was to be a son shared by Kate/Shawn but the child has not surfaced, nor have Shawn/Kate shared any scenes. Not sure if this was dropped, or if this will air in Jan.

Michael easton to GH for 6 months maybe longer 

Richard Dean Anderson contacted about returning as Jeff Webber (Liz and Steven's father). He, so far, has politely turned them down. New Jeff Webber? Jerry ver Dorn's (ex-Ross GL; Clint OLTL) name has been thrown into the ring. Regardless, FV seems to want the elder Webber to come back to PC, and maybe viewers will finally, at least, hear the name of Liz's mother. (They've never once mentioned the woman's name. Steven's mother, of course, is Heather Webber.) 

ABC/Disney/FV and RC DO NOT read message boards or Facebook or Twitter. They go by comment cards, letters, phone calls, emails only. The other avenues are considered too biased.  

FV wants to get back to the core families of GH (the Quartermaines and Hardy/Webbers specifically, and throw in a few Spencers but no Cassadines. The mob will be taking more of a backseat).

No word on Who's Sam's father s/l.

Alyshia Ochse (The Lady in White) has been fired.

Ted King starts taping January 25.

Michael Easton starts taping January 1

Tristan Rogers/Robert Scorpio will return to the show for 13 weeks maybe longer

Citizens of Port Charles wake up to a brand new day in the near future

Some finally realize theres no place like home

Someone figures out that dreams are only reality in your head

The damage caused is not done yet

A suprize gift wont be unwrapped on christmas

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