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General Hospital 1
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Saturday, 17 December 2011

News: Kimberley McCullough Speaks Out!

Kimberly McCullough doesn’t know how her beloved character will leave Port Charles or even her exact date of departure.

“I’m literally just with the audience playing along,” she said. “The really cool thing is that it’s been difficult for the producers and the writers to come up with a way for Robin to leave, which I think is very flattering to the legacy of the character. Everyone involved really wants her to leave in a heroic way, and, for lack of a better word, kind of classy way.”

Robin has been HIV-positive for many years, and some fans fear that producers will bring the story to a dark conclusion and kill her off.

“My counter answer to that is, ‘How do you do it without being dark?  It’s a soap opera, first of all, not a sitcom. Because of the nature of the relationship between Robin and (her husband) Patrick (Jason Thompson), you literally cannot have a happy breakup. It’s impossible.”

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