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General Hospital 1
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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Appearence: GH Stars Help Build Habitat For Humanity House

General Hospital cast members came together for Habitat for Humanity’s 3rd Annual “The House That General Hospital Built” on December 10, in Los Angeles. GH fans joined the show’s stars in helping to build a home for a worthy family. More pictures below:

Andrea Bogart, Sean Blakemore and Kelly Sullivan

Sean Blakemore and Andrea Bogart

Leslie Charleson
Nancy Lee Grahn and Lexi Ainsworth

Jane Elliot

Andrea Bogart

Jason Cook and Jason Thompson
Sean Blakemore

Andrea Bogart and Alyshia Osche
Jane Elliot, Jason Cook, Leslie Charleson, Lisa LoCiceroand Andrea Bogart
Nancy Lee Grahn and her daughter Katherine

Jane Elliot and Leslie Charleson

Lisa LoCicero
Sean Blakemore

Jen Lilley, Nathin Butler, Kelly Sullivan, Alyshia Osche, Kodi Kitchen and Rebeka Montoya

Lisa LoCicero, Kodi Kitchen, Jen Lilley, Andrea Bogart, Sean Blakemore and Kelly Sulliva
Nathin Butler, Kelly Sullivan, Lisa LoCicero and Jen Lilley

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