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General Hospital 1
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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Spoilers: Ron Carlivati's Future Storylines

RC's 2012 Preview beginning January 3rd: 

Skate-Sonny fully opens his heart to romance and their relationship reaches new heights in Jan.A looming threat may derail their happiness

Liz/Matt/Ewen- still smarting from Lucky leaving Liz has Matt and Ewen in her life to deal with. BUT not necessarily a romantic triangle, she may just get a diversion

Jasam- the pair will face a life changing dilemma. Franco's influence still being felt and his presence may be nearer then anyone could guess. He'll remain a force in 2012

Scrubs- Robin has a serious medical issue to face. It promises to strength their love but Robin leaving the canvas could very well tear them apart

Jax- His return affects Carly in a huge way not to mention her relationship with Shawn. He also figures prominently in what's going on with Sonny. Is he back to make amends or declare war?

AZ/Q's/Maxie- AZ gets Maxie to help via a favour to help the merging of the Z's and Q's

Olivia/Maggie/Steven-as Olivia and Steven get closer, Olivia is determined to find out what is going on with Maggie and her secret past with Steven

The Lisa case- More clues surface and just may determine who killed the doctor

Z's vs Sonny-  the peace is threatened as the rivalry reaches boiling point. Sonny and AZ remain at odds, it may be their sons that draw first blood.


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