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Monday, 30 January 2012

Spoilers/News: Month of February and March Pt. 2

We now know that Kristen Alderson was offered, and accepted, a three year contract with GH - even though we all know that the standard is 13 weeks. It has also being said that Michael Easton was offered the same contract. No word yet on whether it was accepted. He is currently rumoured to be staying a minimum of 6 months.

Regarding Lulu, please do not fret! Addiction and metal illness are not the only family legacy that she will be reminded of. When ancient ties and feuds are resurrected, Lulu will also remeber that crime-fighting, ass-kicking and saving the world are also part of it.

With the story regarding the death of Robin, Ron says that his hands were pretty much tied as most of the story was already written before he came along. The only part he was able to change was the ending, which he turned to a presumed "death."

People will believe that Robin died in an explosion as a result of a casulty of the mob wars. The loss of Robin will cause a big impact, launching a HUGE umbrella story about the mob. Friends will become enemies, sides will be picked! (*cough *cough Jason)
Robin may be gone, but she will not be forgotten.

Will Anna and Robert begin to suspect different and tell Patrick who is lashing out at everyone and drinking very heavily just like his dad "Noah". I can say we will see a family member return to help Patrick because he understands what he is going through. (Hint Hint)

Now that Johnny knows Gino Solieto is his Daddy, and we know Tracy has the Solieto money all hell is gonna break loose. (If for any reason any of you are wondering about Jane Elliot's status - DON'T - RC loves Tracy Quartermaine)

And it seems that Tracy is the keeper of more than a few Port Charles secrets. As is Helena who is not working alone. What appears today and tomorrow as separate, unrelated arcs will eventually collide under the Spencers/Cassadine/Scorpios/Corinthos umbrella story. And not surprising Helena is one of the pieces behind the collision course. Helena's hatred of Laura has not mellowed with age. 

Still no word on Genie and if she is coming back because this is being kept tighter then when the Mannings arrival was dropped.  

In attempts by the new regime to bring back the golden yesteryear of GH (1980s), TPTB may have snagged Anders Hove (ex-Faison). The return will mean a campy, darker GH, Raven described:
General Hospital will be resurrecting an old look and feel that we have not seen in decades. Look for the fun, campy, darker stories to emerge once again (not darker as in another child dies, but darker as in how to freeze the world again for instance). General Hospital meets true villainy once more with many favorite troublemakers returning to bring down the house in style. Look for reunions you never thought could happen, and the dead shall rise again.”
Another confirmation from her is that they will bring Jonathan Jackson back for that Lucky reunion with Elizabeth, after all.

3 couples get romantic (rumored to be JaSam, Matt & Maxie & Elizabeth & Ewen)
1 couple share a first kiss (Elizabeth & Ewen)
1 couple gets a special surprise
Kate becomes Carly new partner at the Metro Court
Sonny is surprised by Kate.
There is more news for Robin.
The Davis women come together.
Cameron surprises Elizabeth.
Sam and Jason get surpring news
RE: Lewan, Ewen purposely went after Elizabeth, a la Stefan going after/using Bobbie
While Maxie leaves town for a trip, Matt will be gone for good. Making room for a Spixie reunion.

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  1. thankyou SO much for this! i hope there is MORE Jasam then the spoilers say! sorry but they are the main reason i watch GH. i never really like Liz but that's only cause she messed with JaSam but i lovvvve her & Ewen toqether, as lonq as she doesn't sabotaqe JaSam then i'm perfectly fine with her! LOL. But what is the suprise for JaSam? :D thankyou once aqain for this! ♥