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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Spoilers/News: Month of Febraury and March

Now that RC and FV have officially taken over the reigns, many are wondering what will happen, and mainly they are questioning the future of general hospital. Anyone who tells you that RC and FV are not trying to save GH are receiving the wrong information. They really want the last remaining soap to remain on ABC. It is being speculated that the past may bump into the future a la Dallas.

Maurice is very excited about where they are taking his character and he even tweeted that "Frank Valentini is the Jim Harbaugh (the head coach for the San Francisco 49ers ) of daytime. He is kicking ass"

Many are understandably a bit skittish about the arrival of the OLTLers, but RC promises that after their departure, your favourite soap will go in a direction you won't see coming. A fire will break out at the hospital
which is where we will meet/see the Mannings.

Regarding the arrival of the OLTLers, six hours ago Kassie DePaiva (Blair) tweeted,
"T&B [Todd and Blair] arrive in Port Charles the week of February 27." 
SOD also has the rundown of which characters will be showing up in Port Charles when next month!
First up is Finola Hughes, who brings Robin's mother, Anna, back to town the week of February 13. OLTL's Kristen Alderson (Starr) makes her GH debut the week of February 20, and Tristan Rogers returns as Robert Scorpio the week of February 27. That same week also marks the Port Charles arrivals of Llanview transplants Todd and Blair Manning, played by Roger Howarth and Kassie DePaiva. Finally, fans of Michael Easton's John McBain will have to wait until March to see the hunky detective arrive in town!

If you didn't like Carly and Johnny together, you will now. I hear that RC is a big fan of the chemistry between those two. Johnarly anyone?

On the skate side however, Sonny Kate scenes were tweaked by RC as a way to begin the end. Word on the water cooler are saying "rewrites."

Many are fearful that we will loose the GH we love but what you may not know is that Ron grew up watching GH back in the day. So his tactic is to bring back the Quartermaines, and not just those who are there presently but blasts from the past, as well as the Spencers and Webbers and old school vets bringing families front and centre where they belong. Unfortunately we will see many that will leave us as well.

From the very beginning we learned that reunited LnL was one of RC's main concerns. And now he gets the chance to do that. By taking away Luke's evidence of infidelity. Making Nathan Parsons a Scorpio is a method of reconstructing Luke and Laura's legacy and RC wants that very badly. Regardless of Nathan Parsons  availability, it will happen. Still no definite word on a Genie Francis return but Ron is giving it his all.

The script going around for a so called recast of a very angry Corthinos is not a recast. You have to understand that when new characters come into the show old scripts are used and then the rumours start. Michael is not being recast as some may believe. Michael is very much an important person to RC, considering he is a Spencer/Corinthos/Quartermaine.

SID has learned that GH newcomer Alyshia Ochse (Cassandra) has wrapped up her time at the soap! The actress made her official GH debut as the "Woman In White" in early December, after weeks of skulking around the shadows of Wyndemere. A spokesperson for GH had no comment.
But Ochse isn't the only cast member who will be leaving GH in the coming weeks. We're told that there are other newcomers who will soon see their characters leaving Port Charles! Stay tuned!

So many what if are currently going around, here are a few of them: 
What if Sam and Johnny had the same father that came as a complete surprise to both?
What if Jason finally learns why Franco came into his life and Helena played a huge part in all of it?
What if the Nurse's Ball was resurrected and Lynn Herring returned?
What if Ric Lansing returned to help Sonny out of a bind because Alexis is unable to do so.
Rumours have surfaced that Tamara Braun (ex-Carly III) might be replacing Laura Wright (Carly IV)? Not so long ago RavenBeauty posted this on her website:
Look for the announcement on that major leading actress to cause rioting in the streets.

Ronnie's in trouble, who's he gona call? (Nope, not ghostbusters!)
Diane and...Mac?
Maxie's "Stranger" is revealed. Turns out to be not so much a stranger at all.
Ewen's visitor has evil intentions.
Lulu and Luke discuss alcoholism
There's more to the Robin story than just her HIV
Sonny decides to hold a fundraiser
People are going to get killed off in a BIG way
Who's stalking Kate? 
Alexis and Shawn need to work together.
Robin finds out if the drug protocol is working
Spinelli wonders about Liz’s mystery rescuer
Lulu takes the open position at PCPD organising the evidence room
Matt asks Liz to dinner after Ewen perhaps made plans with her
Jason and Sam discuss their future family and MAKE LOVE!
Jason gets a neurological episode more than one when they get Franco's gift 
Cam gets upset with Liz that Lucky is no longer around and Ewen intervenes 
As Maxie plots with Spinelli, Matt rolls his eyes at Ewen’s moves on Liz


  1. I hope they're not recasting Laura Wright! She's my favorite Carly

  2. i am so happy to see the mannings on GH, i like sonny but i am a lil tired of his tirades and tantrums. sam and jason are okay, spinelli and maxi are misfits and need a new job on a new soap and lol carly needs a diaphram or johnny will be a daddy

  3. The couple on gh sucks Jason and Sam are to depressing, Dr.drake and robin are phoneys
    Matt and maxi are messes Olivia and Steve are mother and son figure and I'm tired of
    Olivia and Max ie coming to thier boyfriends jobs arguing danta and Lulu please now she
    want to work with him with her confused self, sonny and Kate soooo boring and Carly
    running around town offering sex to Johnny for favors she couldn't get Shawn to have
    sex with her so she will try Johnny not a hot couple matt is a dog to run over to Liz after
    dumping that fake maxi.
    OH HOW I MISS OLTL...........

  4. They need to bring back Lexi as Kristina.

  5. DON'T TAKE AWAY JASAM OR THIS WONDERFUL PREGNANCY THEY'VE WANTED FOR SO LONG BUT COULDN'T HAVE! Sam's lost everyone in her life that ever meant anything to her: Danny-her brother, Lila-her baby by Sonny thanks to then-unknown Mommy Alexis' TIRADE! - Lost Jason-her soul-mate then gets him back! WONDERFUL! AND WITH BABY ON THE WAY TOO - That's like icing on a cake with whipped cream! It's time Jason & Sam having a wonderful time together through the pregnancy & the arrival of the next generation of Quartermaines even though Jasam's baby will be a Morgan in name...

    LAHOOD: JASAM ARE ANYTHING BUT BORING OR DEPRESSING! They are about the most perfect fit of a couple on GH. She can handle his life & not ask questions or pout & throw tantrums like everyone else ESPECIALLY LIZ! Toss Liz under a rock somewhere or let Matt become her next victim since she's about used up all the previous long-time GH men!

    I truly MISS THE ORIGINAL MAXIE- KIRSTEN STORM! Lilly, or whatever her name is makes a GREAT MAXIE now that she's actually comfortable in the skin of the character but as hard as she tries, there's only one Maximesta and that's Kirsten - no offense to the current stand-in Lilly; can't recall her name.

    Don't get me wrong, the young lady playing the role of Maxie for the time being is an excellent actress but she's no Kirstem Storm. Kirsten MADE MAXIE! She will always be "The Blond-one/Maximesta" of Spinelli's heart.

  6. Continued along since it wouldn't go through:

    If there's one thing I hate more than anything in the world is having another actor take over a role that was formerly created and made into the character of the person they played. It's as if I want the others to actually walk up to the new actor in character and say, "Who are you? You're not "so-and-so! Why are you pretending to be"? or at least say, "Geez, did you go to a plastic surgeon and have your face changed?" Hey, it worked for Jerry Jax! It's annoying b/c it's like someone is taking all the pieces off the board then putting back new ones in different colors and stating with no care to your wishes, "YOU WILL ACCEPT THE NEW STAND-INS OR LEAVE!" That kind of attitude will cause people to leave b/c we get used to a specific character and that actor/actress becomes the character by transforming into that person and there's no change that will make that better; if anything, it's worse.

    Imagine if they'd brought in a new Mrs. Lila Q when the wonderfully lovely Ms Anna passed away? How would GH fans have felt about someone taking over that role? WE WOULD BE OUTRAGED! GH did the right thing when they had the off-camera memorial for the loss of Anna and for the fans, they had an appropriate and heart-felt as well as heart-breaking memorial for us so we could grieve the loss of such an amazing woman who WAS LILA MORGAN QUARTERMAINE IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE AND COULD NOT BE REPLACED NO MATTER HOW HARD THEY TRIED! I actually believe the tears spilled at the filmed memorial for Ms. Lila/Ms Anna by the cast were true tears and not ones that actors learn to create for the benefit of the parts they will play at a point in the future. I know I cried because of her passing. She was one of the first characters I absolutely fell in love with and would have loved to have emulated her as a matriarch of the family. The fact she came back despite a stroke having left her unable to walk so she had her motorized wheelchair showed dedication to the role and should have struck a chord in the heart of every bureaucrat involved with GH from the producers, directors, bean-counters, and especially the ones who make the big decisions regarding GH. It should have resonated in them that you can't just swap out a new actor for an older model and expect us to swallow it without resentment at some level - more with specific characters than others but resentment nonetheless. The one greatest decision made was to have a memorial for the most wonderful and beloved character of GH: Mrs. Lila M. Quartermaine b/c nobody could revise that role ever. At Ms. Anna's death, there is no doubt that Mrs. Lila Q passed away as well in the minds and hearts of GH viewers so the bean-counters did the right thing by Anna and by the GH fans; now they have to stick to their guns and do the same for other characters too. This switch and swap makes me dizzy and I already fight vertigo as it is!