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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Spoilers: What to Expect With The Mannings in PC

The story behind the Mannings return has many different scenarios. Here are some of the spoilers/rumours that have been told. Only time will tell if they will come into fruitation.

Todd needs some medical care.
Carly and Blair become frenemies? 
Tomas shows up everyone wants him dead but Sonny sees him as Alcazar. 
This sets up a Blair/Carly explosion, Tracy may play with Todd Manning but only in the business sense.
The Who Killed Victor Lord saga is closed at the same time as the Cassandra ("Lady in White") and Ethan/Cassadine subplot on GH. 
They are tied together, believe it or not by common villains. Both endings flow into the new umbrella with the Cassadines/Spencers/Scorpios/Corinthos/etc in Port Charles. Ask yourself what the similarities are between the two mystery people on both shows. 
Look at everything you know about their limited background history: Lord and "Lady."

The following are possible future storylines. that should be taken with a huge grain of salt"

Ned and Dillon under consideration for returns
Mystery man is watching women of Port Charles than leaves a single white rose with a black ribbon for them.
Michael starts working for Johnny.
Michael goes spying on Johnny because something is up with Johnny's secret meeting .
Molly gets a scare by someone stalking her.
Helena goes and sees Sam after she hears Sam is having a baby and other Cassadine blood coming soon.
Jason is watching Sam 24/7 till he finds Franco and kills him.
Robin comes home and finds her mother holding Emma and Patrick is talking to Robert.
Ethan goes to Kelly’s and sees his mother rumor of Emma Samms return is just that for now.
Mystery woman is watching The Quartermaine’s.
Kate makes another mystery call to someone.
Another Quartermaine long lost family member shows up and the family is never going to be same after this shocking news
Helena is back and she has new plans for some people of Port Charles.
Helena tells Jason something shocking about Franco's past.
Michael sees another person from the past but that person is dead and Jason killed this person years ago. Who is the person?
Alexis goes face to face with Helena.
Molly goes missing and Alexis thinks Helena took Molly after her face to face with Helena.
Ewen's true identity will shock you. He is a SORASED Spencer Cassadine (WTF?!?!)
GF and JJ are still in RC's hopeful plans.


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