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General Hospital 1
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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Spoilers: Long-Term Spoilers for the Month of Jan/Feb

I told you months ago that you had not seen the last of Alcazar. Who he's connected to may shock many fans out there.

Kristen Storms returns as Maxie and another return will leave tongues wagging. This person is still alive and ready to take their revenge. Look for a reunion that will split two fan bases down the middle (one of the actors involved is not thrilled with this one even remotely).

One major long time actress may be shown the door for storyline reasons. Wrapping things up is not an easy job. Cutting down on a great deal to keep the core only (with guests coming left and right).

Kimberly seems to want to really go, I'm sorry.  There may have been a change for all I know, but the person who allowed me to give you a major heads up on her exit months ago is stating that she seems ready to move on with her plans (grabbing a lifeboat as it were).

Helena returns to her roots and more Cassadines are revealed.  One major male star just saw his crazy story scrapped just in time (you can thank Frank and Ron for that one)!

Bye Bye Franco (a rather bloody exit)
Look for the announcement on that major leading actress to cause rioting in the streets.
Look for a twist in Sam's pregnancy storyline (don't worry, it's a short term thing).


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