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General Hospital 1
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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Spoilers: Week of January 30th

These are your spoilers for the week of January 30th:

Ewen helps Liz with an angry Cam when lashes out due to the absence of his father;
Luke pours his heart out to Lulu; they discuss alcoholism;
Sonny offers Dante the chance to help with some charity work but Dante turns him down;
News of Jax slips out when Sonny, Kate and Carly meet together at MetroCourt;
Johnny turns to Tracy to discuss his real father, which is a shocking revelation to Tracy;
Shawn has mixed feelings about Carly calling Johnny;
Dr. Lee (Sam's OB/GYN) breaks important news, the baby is Jason's;
Jason and Sam discuss their future family and MAKE LOVE;
Tracy and Edward are delighted by what Michael has to say;
Matt is irked by Ewen’s moves on Liz, especially when Ewen suggests a rendezvous in the supply closet;
Liz and Ewen on the other hand, grow even closer;
Lulu decides to takes the open position at PCPD organizing the evidence room.
Putting her in close proximity with Dante.

Olivia walks in on Steve and Maggie again and demands some answers about their past;
Robin, Patrick and Emma visit a special place.

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