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General Hospital 1
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Monday, 2 January 2012

Spoilers: Week of January 2nd.

These are your spoiler for the week of January 2nd:

Matt has a bit of attitude about Liz’s attraction to Ewen;
Kate and Sonny make romantic date plans;
Carly absolutely looses it when she just happens to notice Michael and Johnny discussing business;
A seething Alexis confronts Carly and later Sonny;
Michael can't help but feel empty without Abby, and not even Sonny can comfort him;
Michael is furious to learn that Jason was helping to keep Jax’s survival a secret;
Jason continues to spiral as he flashes back to the motorcycle accident, and Jake's crash;
Jason’s attacks of rage return and he lashes out at Michael before dragging himself to the hospital to pass out;
Sam gets the results of her pregnancy test, and realizes that she might be pregnant with Franco’s child;
Lulu moves into Dante’s, leaving Maxie all alone in her apartment;
Spinelli offers to move in with her;
Anthony asks Maxie to plan his and Tracy’s wedding, sparing no expense;
Maggie makes overtures to Steve and even pulls him into an embrace which Olivia just happens to see;
 Patrick is confused when he catches Robin looking at her will;
Robin asks Liz to replace her in Patrick and Emma’s life should anything happen to her.

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