General Hospital 1

General Hospital 1
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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Spoilers: Week of April 9th.

These are your spoilers for the Week of April 9th:


Ewen advises Kate to commit herself to a mental hospital;
Tracy believes she has to act quickly to counteract Luke and Anna's growing closeness;
Sonny catches a glimpse of Carly and Johnny;

Sonny is not too pleased with his offspring;
Johnny and Carly's bond deepens, even as Michael makes his feelings about their relationship perfectly clear; John pushes Sonny's buttons, taunting him about their past;
Starr seeks out Anthony;
Sam makes an agonizing decision regarding whether or not to tell Jasonwhat she learned from Heather;
Spinelli and Matt try working together; they team up to question Ewen;
Matt tells Maxie those three little words!;
Olivia's none too pleased when Heather moves in with Steven;
Heather picks up pretty much where she left things off with Luke;
When an anxiety attack threatens, who will appear to testify at Sonny's trial... Kate or Connie?
Mark D. Espinoza as the prosecuting attorney in Sonny's trial.

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