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General Hospital 1
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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Spoilers: Week of April 2nd.

These are your spoilers for the week of April 2nd:

Sonny and Alexis have a fiery exchange;
Sonny is put in the position of having to take sides: Jason or Kate;
Ewen tries to hypnotize Kate again and get Connie to appear, but Connie has plans for Ewen too, including busting up his first date with Elizabeth;
This week, we learn that John has an old FBI colleague in Port Charles - Anna Devane!;
John lends Sam some support; Luke is a bit put out after meeting John.
He is not happy that he may have to "share" Anna with him;
Carly and Johnny make it official;
In spite of all of the problems around them, Starr and Michael slowly get to know each other;
*Baby Girl Morgan Expected Mid-May*
Jason puts in appearance on where he might not be welcome;
Sam reaches a shocking conclusion;
Maxie jumps to conclusions about Patrick when he arrives at the courthouse;
Spinelli gets help from Lulu, Matt, and Alexis as he tries to get Maxie to change her guilty plea;
Dante's suspicions about Delores' husband grow stronger;
Dante gets upset with Lulu for using the department's resources to do some unauthorized research;
Patrick returns to GH hoping work will take his mind off Robin -- but he cannot escape the memories;
Olivia seeks out Sonny's assistance to get Johnny to stop making Steve's life miserable, she wants him to pull our all the stops--short of murder of course;
Christian Monzon as of Eddie Cabrera
Heather has demands that will have to be met before she will co-operate with Sam.

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