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General Hospital 1
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Monday, 16 April 2012

Spoilers: Week of April 16th.

These are your spoilers for the week of April 16th:

Kate intends to tell Sonny everything about Connie, then commit herself to a mental hospital;
Anna tries to convince McBain to change his plans where Sonny is concerned;
Carly attempts to get down to business and find out once and for all if Johnny planted the gun in Kate's office;
After an important moment at Sonny’s trial, Michael finds an angry Starr packing and tries to convince her to stay in Port Charles;
After another encouter with Heather, Sam runs into McBain;
Liz reluctantly reveals to Jason news about Sam's whereabouts;
She urges Jason to talk openly with Sam;
By the end of the months, Jason is once again going to Sam and insisting that she come clean with him;
Spinelli tells Matt he knows the identity of Lisa's killer;
Delores realizes Dante, Lulu and Ronnie are suspicious;
Dante learns of an human organ selling mob ring!;
Steve finds himself in unfamiliar territory;
Maggie makes a big mistake where Heather is concerned;
The verdict in Sonny's murder case is in! When the ruling is handed down, though, the real story is how Starr, John McBain, and Johnny Zacchara all react;
Luke rushes to the Quartermaine mansion to stop Tracy from killing Anthony;
Epiphany is there for Patrick;


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