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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Interview: Ron Carlivati and Kimberley McCullough

This is an excerpt from the Soap In Depth Interview:

RC: “The first day I laid out (for GH) was the episode right after the explosion. I believe in the original version, you would see her death. There was talk that Patrick would attempt to operate and be unable to save her, and I felt strongly right away, that it was important that in the end, there would be hope that Robin could be alive – for a couple of reasons. First, just in the overall general landscape of daytime, with these shows going off the air and soap fans feeling so lost and disenfranchised and giving up hope for their shows, I wanted there to hope that this was not the end of Robin’s story. That was important, and whether the show stays on for one year or 50 years, I wanted to leave the door open that Robin is going to come back and get her happy ending at some point.

The reason that it was held was that we could milk the genuine emotion of her loss before you knew there’s a chance that she is still out there. We ended up having so much material (during Robin’s funeral) that five episodes became six so we could explore nearly every possible moment of emotion, and grief that any of the various characters would experience.”

KMc: “We had a conversation about it, me, Frank Valentini and Ron, before I even met them. Ron told me he wasn’t comfortable with Robin being “completely dead”. He thought it would be better for the show and the fans if Robin was out there somewhere, and they would love for me to come back someday if I could or wanted to, or God forbid, the show was cancelled. They wanted to leave the door open for the good of the character, and I was absolutely fine with that.”

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