General Hospital 1

General Hospital 1
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Monday, 19 March 2012

Spoilers: Week of March 19th.

These are your spoilers for the week of March 19th:

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Luke tells Lulu that the story he told Robert (about Ethan) was a lie;

Sonny and Jason try to figure out McBain's angle;
Kate continues to mentally unhinge as she leaps between her two personalities and fights with everyone
around her;
Olivia issues a warning to Johnny to move on and away from Steve;
Sonny tries to convince Michael that he's innocent of causing Starr/Cole's accident, but Michael is drawn more and more towards Starr;
Sam has a case of the deja vu when she meets John McBain;
Sam tries to explain herself to Jason, but he's too furious to listen;
Jason storms off and runs into Liz; they reflect over Jake on the anniversary of his death;
The ripple effect from Franco continues;

Still wrought with guilt, Maxie hopes that Mac will lock her up for her part in Robin’s death;
Dante doesn't take kindly to John McBain making himself confortable in PC;


Still devastated, Anna looses her temper while talking to Patrick. He soon finds some comfort when his
father pops up;
How will Matt react when he sees his father?;
Dante has a warning for his father;

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