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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Spoilers: Months of April/May

The following are spoilers/rumours/rumours for the month of April and May. Please take these long-term spoilers with a huge grain of salt. And as always please do not blame the messenger!!

Brianna Brown (ex-Lisa) scores another primetime acting job, this one for Marc Cherry’s (Desperate Housewives) new ABC pilot, about Beverly Hills maids and their wacky, rich employers. It also stars Susan Lucci (ex-Erica Kane, AMC). Both are leads in the new show entitled Devious Maids. It also stars Grant Show; Ryan’s Hope, Melrose Place and Swingtown star has been cast as Spence Davis, "a successful daytime star married to a gorgeous, self-centered actress." Mariana Klaveno has been cast as his wife.
Ingo Rademacher (ex-Jax) received an acting job as Officer Sacks in the next Tyler Perry movie, an adaptation of James Patterson’s book, “I, Alex Cross!” The movie will air in theaters starting October 26.

Rick Springfield is returning to General Hospital later this month, and Friday on The Talk soap superfan Sheryl Underwoon, who appeared herself on "The Young And The Restless," got pretty excited about it. Springfield will be reprising his role as Dr. Noah Drake on the show, and provided a few details on his return.

"Noah's coming back to support his son because Noah went through the same situation with his wife dying," Springfield explained, before Underwood cut him off to clarify that Noah has two sons, Patrick and Matt.

When Underwood excitedly provided even more backstory and key plot-points, Springfield joked that he should've called her to fill him on the latest "General Hospital" developments before he accepted the role.
Underwood did seem to get an interesting detail from Springfield when she suggested, "If you would get with Anna Devane, that would really be good!" Although the audience laughed over Springfield's response, Underwood's reaction suggested that she might have guessed correctly. "Y'all do? Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!" she gushed.

- The Huffington Post March 9th, 2012

Katie Couric’s new talk show will take over GH’s timeslot across the country, but GH itself may move up as her lead-in—at least if she and her executive producer Jeff Zucker allegedly have any say. TV Guide’s Michael Logan is reporting that these two do not want The Revolution, OLTL’s replacement show, to be that lead-in, since it’s tanking in the ratings. They also, according to TV Guide, do not want GH soap fans on the warpath against them like AMC and OLTL soap fans have been for The Chew and The Revolution. What helps this argument is GH’s ratings spiked the other week on the strength of Robin Scorpio’s explosive death, the return of some GH faves, and the cross-overs of some popular OLTL stars.

With the upcoming return of Heather Webber does anyone wonder why and who is she working with? This will turn out to be a massive umbrella story that will have twists and turns as only Ron can do. It will involved Jason, the Quartermaines, the Webbers as well as many other PC residents.

I told you the Susan Moore story will start to come to light, her involvement with Alan, her murder and the mystery thereafter. This upcoming story will be homage to the Moore story. As it was then, is how it will be now
Viewers are thrilled that Kristina Wagner is returning to the role she created. Originally, Felicia planned to be back in time for Robin's funeral, but that changed and she will be back to help Maxie in her healing process. No word if Frisco will be returning now that he is tied up with DWTS. Is there another return in the works? Think Irene Manning story.

Expect Tracy's "conscience" to make an appearance; aka Alan Q.

Insiders have said that RC has made contact with Trevor St John no word where this is going but Victor and his death has sure been mentioned alot this week.

Spinelli uncovers two secrets but only reveals one, exploring the mystery of the "baby boy Moore" in the DVD. What if Todd makes Spixie an offer they can not refuse? 

What if Sonny has a big secret that he can use against his war with Todd?...What if Tomas is an Alcazar, who has his mothers name? (Think Marco/Mario Dane (OLTL old timers)

As with Sonny and Carly, RC feels there are unresolved feelings between Johnny and Olivia.

Kate's psychotic break will impact Olivia's story direction and ultimately Steve.

Guess who is back? A reliable on-set source reveals to UNCENSORED that Emmy winner Rick Hearst is headed back to Port Charles. Alexis is waiting for an elevator at the hospital. When the doors slide open, Ric is there, saying something to the effect of, "Hi Alexis, I'm back." Fade to black. Thoughts? What a difference a year makes! In a few months all of the GH superstars B&B stole may end up back home in Port Llanview! Ric was also supposed to have learned the secret of Sam's paternity, and would confront Alexis with it in order to negotiate access to his daughter (Molly).

"For Elizabeth, Short-term = rebuilding her stronger, more a support to others versus needy and in need of support herself. Her romantic interest is Ewen. Long-term = reunion with Lucky. I have not read any plans to reunite her with Jason." -HNY Source

It appears RC wants to play connect the dots with Sam's father. It is someone from GH's past.
 Appenrently Jason isn't the one who originally becoems suspicious about Robin's death. In the original storyboard it is the fire marshall.

RE: JASAM. Jason IS the father. However, the paternity and the test will be called into question again. The "rape" will be resolved once and for all. So too will Franco's "ties" to Jason. I would not expect a stress-free or drama-free pregnancy. Far from it. Jason and Sam will face many external obstacles and some internal conflicts. However, the plan is for them to overcome those obstacles.

A few things to look for heading towards sweeps: More of Elizabeth and Steve with their families. A callback to a deadly disease from GH long past. And Sonny discovers Victor Lord Jr., but Victor has a reason for staying hidden. Also, look for Luke to detail for his friends (and the audience) why he has fallen so far, after feeling helpless to save Laura from a trauma that pre-dated their life together. Much will be made of Laura's strength and personal trials, pre and post-Luke. Sonny wants to pull Jason into his battle with Todd. Sam and Jason resist, facing their own crisis of faith and family. In one heated moment Jason tells Sonny he has become Frank Smith.

One more thing: The blowback from the exposure of Connie and the fall of the Zaccharas leads to several deaths, and the official start of GH's final big adventure.
 RE: CARLY'S FUTURE: Currently the plan is for Carly to face a final choice between letting her obsession with Jason and Sonny rule her life, and moving on by herself.

You've seen examples of this recently already, from the affair with Johnny to her clash with Sam. Johnny tells her she can't put Sonny behind her while Sam tells Carly she is Jason's wife and that Carly no longer has a say. The destruction of her happy life with Jax will also rear its head as Carly faces up to that.

The current Sonny and Carly reconnect is in order to put both their "houses" in order for their final pairings. Sonny will leave the mob for Brenda. Carly will have to choose between true love and her lingering loyalty to the two men who have defined most of her adult life. At one point the true love in question was going to be Jasper Jacks. Now it may be "Tomas" aka Lorenzo, whose secret will not stay hidden forever.

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