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Friday, 9 March 2012

Quote: Nathan Parsons' Outrage Over The Loss of the Woman In White.

Did the end of the "Woman In White" debacle and demotion of former head writer Garin Wolf play a role in Nathan Parsons' General Hospital exit? Apparently so. In this week's Soap Opera Digest (on newstands now), Parsons revealed his frustration over Wolf being asked to step down and his character Ethan's love interest Alyshia Ochse (ex-Cassandra/Irina) being fired. Both of which he says factored into his decision to leave.
 "Ethan finally gets a girlfriend and she's killed," chuckles Parsons. "When I first started talking about leaving, it had always been in the back of my mind that my contract was coming up. Then I found out that Garin [Wolf, former head writer] was going to be asked to step down. It was frustrating because he was the first person who wrote a great story for this character. It was supposed to continue on for months. They had Alyshia [Oschse, ex-Cassandra/Irina] on a potential five-year contract."

It seems like Frank and Ron got to Port Charles just in the nick of time! Could you imagine this whole Lady in white business continuing for five minutes longer, let alone five years?



  1. Wow, he really has no idea just how truly awful that story was and LIW really couldn't act very well. Thank heavens for Frank and Ron for ending it.

  2. Wish he would have shown the same outrage for Lexi Ainsworth. His storyline left when she did!!!!!!

    1. totally agree! He had so much more with Lexi, and the Irina thing made no sense anyway. Lexi and Ethan meant so much too fans, that it was a shame to end it. How can he say Garin Wolf was the first to write a great story for his character. It was the worst story for his character. So much more could have been done with Kristina and Ethan if they had been left to grow into more than friendship. Do hope Nathan comes back one day though. And I miss Lexi and her Kristina.