General Hospital 1

General Hospital 1
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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Spoilers: Week of March 12th.

These are your spoilers for the week of March 12th:

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Sonny is charged with shooting out Anthony Z's tires;
Todd pulls a gun on Sonny in the courtroom, when shots ring out, all hell breaks loose;

Carly and Blair start to realize that they share something in common;
Sonny interrogates Kate about Ewen's role in her life;
Look for John McBain to be taking Todd back to jail;
Anthony works on Johnny to accept Kate's offer;
Carly goes against Sam's explicit wishes when she goes tells the truth about Robin's death. How will Jason react?;

Sam and Jason get heated when he finds out what she did;
Dante and Lulu are puzzled over Delores' behavior;
The citizens of Port Charles pay a loving tribute to Robin; Expect some surprises!;

Monica and Tracy quarrel over the death of Robin and the funeral service, which leads to a set back for Edward;
Olivia will have a little difficulty, at least at first, dealing with Steve's secret especially considering her upbringing;
Somebody confesses to Lisa's murder! Has the guilty party finally been found?

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