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General Hospital 1
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Monday, 20 February 2012

Spoilers: Week of February 20th

These are your spoilers for the week of February 20th:

Sonny's heroics while attempting to save Dante's life will have an impact on their relationship. (He gets shot protecting Dante). Leaving Dante to see Sonny in a new light;
Look for Kate to shock everybody by breaking up with Sonny!
And that's just the tip of the iceberg -- by the end of the week, Kate finds herself in a shocking state;
Jason tells Spinelli to look harder for clues about how the dead Franco could be sending him DVDs;
Sam wants to keep the events surrounding Robin a secret from Jason;
Shawn interrupts a tender moment between Carly and Johnny;
Anthony loses control of his car and drives into incoming traffic!;
Olivia realizes Kate is more shaken by the events than she lets on;
With a crisis underway at the hospital, Robin heads over to GH to do what she can to help;
Look for Michael to walk in on the party at the lakehouse and find a drunk and passed-out Molly!
Helena's scheme is finally revaled. Does it have anything to do with Luke disappering?

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