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General Hospital 1
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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Spoilers; Week of February 13th

These are your spoilers for the week of February 13th.

 Ewen discloses Cassandra's motives to Ethan;
Dante makes a damaging allegation. He believes Johnny and Sonny are both using the Benefit at the

Metrocourt as a cover for more ominous plans;
Sonny continues to grow more suspicious; as Kate continues to take her "business trips";

Carly and Johnny are caught up in the moment;
When Shawn and Michael cross paths again, Shawn realizes that Michael is upset with the world;
The headaches Jason has been experiencing worsen dramatically;
Robin makes Jason a promise; Jason tells Carly about Sam's pregnancy;

Matt accuses Maxie of causing Liz's suspension and goes off on her;
Maggie makes a date to the Benefit Ball, in an attempt to arouse Steven's jealousy;
Patrick surprises Robin on V-Day;
Anna Devane returns to town and visits Robin, Patrick and Emma at home;
An inebriated Johnny arrives at the ball, and the animosity between Johnny and Sonny builds.
When shots ring out in the aftermath, Johnny is on such a self-destructive bent he doesn't even care that he is considered a suspect.

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