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General Hospital 1
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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Casting Call: Aria

Aria finds herself in Port Charles in an effort to leave behind a very painful loss. A loss that has left her devastated and off center. She is in Port Charles to make a fresh start for herself. To leave the painful past behind if she can. Her Achilles heel is that she loves bad boys (and this has cost her plenty over the years). She wants nothing to do with Nick who never takes her seriously anyway. Nick taunts her over a card game and reminds her that she is a rising star at Crimson. That she can afford to lose all her money to him in a card game. Kate could just up her salary if Aria finds herself penniless.
Aria thinks back in time to that phone call she received from the emergency room telling her that all the fun, laughter, and good times were over. That someone she loved with all her heart and soul was dying, and that even if he survived, he would wish he hadn't. Tears fill her eyes as she thinks back to that moment. She is described as strong, vibrant, and yet vulnerable all at the same time


 Will this be for Bree Williamson (exJessica/Tess?) OR Farah Fath?

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