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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Spoilers: Month of March/April

While many rumors have been circulating that several actors will be moving on, another has left the building and taped his last scene Friday February 3rd.

As many of us know Ron has a wish list of who he would like to see return to the show, he has been going strong with returns and as I hear we may be seeing one or two others. 

Kin Shriner and Jackie Zeman's names have been kicked around. We hear Kin's manager has been trying to swing the deal and it looks pretty good. As for Jackie sources say don't hold your breath. 
On the other hand, maybe we should keep our ears open for maybe Lynn Herring, or may be Frisco could he finally becoming back? Word is that Anders Hove (Cesar Faison) is currently in negotiations with GH.

With the recent downgrade to recurring on B&B this could be a golden opportunity for GH to get back the days of old. And what about those Brenda rumors? When (Vanessa) left the show (on her own accord) rumor was that Brenda may be with child. But sources say that may all change if Vanessa decides to return and hopefully Frank and Ron can convince her to come back.

As buzz continues to generate that Lucy and her Doc will make a return visit to Port Charles, Lindstrom's real-life girlfriend, Cady McClain (Dixie, ALL MY CHILDREN), dropped a bit of hope for fans wanting to see this rumor become a reality when she tweeted
"A little bird just told me GH is bringing back some fan favorites. Who will return, I wonder?"
A spokesperson for ABC reminded that the network "doesn't comment on rumor or actor posts on social media."

Hearing that Ethan's involvement in storylines is still going on for at least the next few months, whether this means that Nathan Parsons is sticking around or not remains to be seen. Rumours are stating he is set to depart sometime in March.

Secrets is the name of the game for the next few weeks. Secrets and more secrets will start to come out as Tracy as well as Helena have a bucket full

The mob are one of three stories that collide into the larger umbrella story. John McBain is a former FBI agent with experience in bringing down bad guys. 

However, instead of focusing on the mob's enemies and villains, RC's focus is on the Spencers and Scorpios. These enemies will interfere, and hurt the mob and their interests. Eventually most of the canvas will unite against these adversaries.

Starr will be serving as a catalyst for Michael's full Quartermaine to emerge. Insiders have heard that Starr encourages Michael to use money, not the mob, as a means to an end. Starr adores her father (Todd), sins and all and tells Michael how it can be done. Let's not forget Starr is a Manning and a Cramer and she learned to scheme at a very young age.

Is Ted King is returning? Rumor is that FV wants King on GH as Tomas, but RC wants him as Lorenzo. We'll know soon enough who will win and if King's return is definite.

It has been confimed that Robin Mattson is coming back to PC. Mattson, who played the unforgetable role of crazy Heather Webber will return sometime in March or April. Look for her arrival to effect Steven.

An excitement can be felt in the air on the GH set. Everybody is pumped and ready to go with what RC has in store. Both Kelly Sullivan (Kate) and Lisa LoCicero (Olivia) have met with GH's new Head writer and report that they are excited about their upcoming story lines! 

Maurice Bernard (Sonny), also has been equally enthusiastic in his praises of the new writer/producer team. 

We learn of Helena’s master plan, which naturally includes Luke.
Ewen discovers Kate just as Helena Cassadine appears, dagger in hand.
Michael finds a drunk and unconscious Molly.
Someone is about to murder Dante!
What happens to Robin will have a profound effect on everyone in a very emotional way.
Robin's mother, Anna, is about to hit town and her father, Robert, will soon follow; they haven't been on the best of terms, but Robin's exit will definitely bring them together. 
Plus, there's more to the story than meet the eye. Robert's return may not be all about Robin. There could be other news that he will receive while he's in town.
Could Anthony and Tracy's marriage not be valid?
Will Nikolas return to Port Charles?
What if Franco was Jason's half brother?
What if someone gets too close to uncovering a truth, and gets silenced forever?
What if a Quartermaine hired a Spencer to go after a Cassadines treasure. Tracy knows something about the original Qs stake with the Cassadines and that Mikkos and Edward were doing some business together.
What if Kate has a duel personality and doesn't even know it?
Robin's exit storyline will start unfolding on Feb 20th 
Jason Thompson and Kelly McCullough

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  1. Just please tell me that Jason will live & he & Sam will have the chance to love this beautiful baby they created together b/c it's been too D$#mn long since we have had a chance to take a breather where they are on the same page. They're married, she's pregnant w/JASON'S BABY & for ONCE LIZ DOESN'T HAVE HER CLAWS IN HIM OR JAKE TO HOLD OVER HIS HEAD! I'm ready for some Jasam normality with lots of love, a healthy pregnancy, & a beautiful delivery b/c if anyone deserves a bit of happiness, IT IS JASAM & THEY'RE BUNDLE OF JOY! Toss Franco to the sharks' I'm about sick of him. Didn't like him b4 he crashed GH and like him even less after he did CRASH GH! I HOPE HE's FISH FOOD SOMEWHERE or BURIED IN THE INFAMOUS "PINE BARRONS" TO ROT FOREVER!