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General Hospital 1
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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Spoilers: Week of Oct 17th

Here are your (belated) Spoilers for the week of Octover 17th to the 21st.

Monday, October 17
Feeling neglected, Carly tries to sabotage Jason and Sam's honeymoon.
Abby gets all dressed up to surprise Michael.
Steve announcemes that he has filled the pediatrics position w/o consulting Robin; which upsets her.
Everyone is excited about Matt’s celebration.
Maxie gets a surprise grab on the docks.

Tuesday, October 18
Spinelli takes advantage of Matt's neglet and plans a surprise picnic for Maxie.
Lulu, overwhelmed, can no longer fight the temptation to drink.
Maxie fishes out Anthony.

Wednesday, October 19
Jason and Carly get into a heated argument.
Spinelli sees a light/aura at Wyndemere.
Liz and Matt grow closer.
Liz, Robin and Patrick talk about their lives.
Spinelli's news about Matt upsets Maxie.

Thursday, October 20
Sonny gives Lulu some advice regarding marrying a cop
Delores confronts Dante about what happened at the warehouse.
Two couples – Patrick and Robin and Steve and Olivia get romantic.
Kate kissed Coleman just as Sonny arrives at Jake's

Friday, October 21
Lisa takes the residents of Port Charles by storm.
Tracy is surprised that Luke is talking about future
Johnny encounters difficulties trying to walk. (it might have to do with Lisa's needle of deadly toxin)
Spinelli and Maxie look into the light at Wyndemere.


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