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General Hospital 1
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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Spoilers: Future Storylines

*Below are some future spoilers and storylines:

  • Lulu is not pleased when Dante is drawn into the Lisa case.
  • Matt is determined to save Liz as she continues on a downward spiral.
  • Who is watching Lucky while he visits the church?
  • Lucky begins to doubt his sanity...and wonders if he is sending messages to himself!
  • Shawn prevents Kate and Carly from fighting.
  • Johnny stops to help Kate when her car breaks down, Sonny and Olivia soon show up.
  • Johnny watches Kate and Sonny having a slow dance.
  • Both Jason and Sam are left reeling.
  • Jason finds Sam.
  • Jason and Sam go on the hunt for Franco.
  • Jason receives a "wedding gift" from Franco.
  • The new pediatrician eyes the clown costume.
  • Spinelli tries on the head of a tiger.
  • Steve heads to Jake for a stiff drink to calm his nerves.
  • Olivia and Maggie are introduced (Maggie is the pediatrician who is Steve knew in Memphis).
  • Steve has his hands full helping out with Cameron and Aiden; luckily its Olivia to the rescue!
  • Olivia takes home an at-home pregnancy test...just as Steve arrives.
  • Sonny expresses his concerns for Olivia's health.
  • Spinelli, Max and Milo get a bit of excitement courtesy of Spin's computer; Spinelli has discovered his new betting!
  • Look for several re-enactments of "Lisa's murder", each with a different monkey wrench wielding suspect.
  • Mac and Ronnie investigate.
  • Robin is convinced she killed Lisa but keeps it from Patrick.
  • Patrick has gaps in his memory of the night Lisa died.
  • The syringe with blood is recovered by Anthony.
  • Anthony has dirt on Steve's misdeeds.
  • Maggie wants to pick up where she and Steve left off professionally and personally.
  • Jason wakes up just in time to see Franco's show begin.
  • Sam has no recollection of her time alone with Franco.
  • Sam and Jason assume the worst.
  • Kate's secret is uncovered by Carly.
  • Sonny puts a hit out on an unexpected ally.
  • Carly and Sonny come to blows over Shawn.
  • Liz finds herself drawn to the man from the water whose face she struggles to remember.
  • Matt decides to fight for Maxie but is drawn to Liz.
  • Spinelli makes a deal with the devil.
  • Lucky is shaken after his meeting with the Irish lass.
  • Luke fights the temptation to drink as Lulu gives in.
  • Lulu comes clean to Dante about not wanting to get married.
  • Dante feels rejected.
  • Dante decides it's time to take Sonny down once and for all.
  • Michael goes to Johnny with an offer.
  • Kate gets a life changing telephone call.
  • Jason suffers from nightmares.
  • Expect to see NUKristina join the canvas...sooner rather than later.

*Long-Term Spoilers and Storylines have a tendency of not being true. So please don't shoot the messenger!!

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