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Friday, 21 October 2011

Spoilers: November Sweeps

SOD Sweeps Previews:

Robin/Patrick/Lisa: “As a result of Lisa’s return, Robin and Patrick will embark on a journey that will mark them for the rest of their lives.”

Jason/Sam/Franco/Carly/Shawn: “When lulled into a false sense of security by an out-of-town Franco sighting, all begin to loosen up with each other and tell some personal truths... and a closely guarded secret.”

Sonny/Kate: “Sonny and Kate continue to play with fire under the guise of understanding old flames. And while Kate might have more of a past than Sonny every realized, Sonny realizes he’s not ready to face his own.”
Olivia/Steve: “Olivia and Steve will find themselves asking questions about unexpected parenthood and an old lover from Memphis.”

Johnny/Anthony: “The Zaccharas end up with what looks like a deadly secret between them... that helps them blackmail someone into a position of continuing assistance.”

Spinelli/Maxie/Matt/Elizabeth: “Spinelli begins a subtle campaign to win the heart of the woman he loves, and Maxie gets more than she bargained for when she stumbles upon a victim of Lisa’s wrath. Matt will lose Elizabeth to the rescuing arms of a mysterious man, but that doesn’t mean that Jason is out of Elizabeth’s thoughts... or grasp.”

Lucky/Luke/Tracy: “Following Siobhan’s last wishes, Lucky finds his faith tested on all fronts when he has to turn to the most unlikely person he knows for help with an ailing child, and an unlikely redemption hangs in the balance.”

Lulu/Dante: “Lulu remains so much in love with Dante that she might put him at arm’s length now rather than lose him later, a stance that will put her on a very slippery slope.”

Ethan/Woman in White: “Ethan is drawn further and further into the eerie inner circle of not one mysterious stranger roaming the halls of Wyndemere, but two.”

Michael/Abby: “Michael is on the verge of discovering that doing everything right doesn’t mean that it all doesn’t come out wrong.”

Alexis/Mac: “Funny thing about telling everybody how much you don’t want something... you lose it to someone else just when you’re about to change your mind.”

The Quartermaines: “Look for our first family to dish up a very traditional Thanksgiving... with all the tragedy they're known for."

- Garin Wolf, SOD

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