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General Hospital 1
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Monday, 21 May 2012

Spoilers: Week of May 21.

These are tour spoilers for the week of May 21st:

Luke and Tracy have a surprise that catches them off guard! Edward, Tracy and Monica discuss ELQ after learning that Franco "was a Quartermaine".
Carly shows up at Johnny’s; the two discuss his "affair" with Connie.

Johnny and Anthony have different ideas on how to work out their differences.
Todd faces new pressures in his job.
McBain confides in Tea about Sam.
Alexis is shocked to learn that Kristina has been missing from college.
Molly accidentally spills to Alexis about Sam’s rape.
Jason shares a close moment with Elizabeth: He tells her that he misses Sam, but can't get past having to raise Franco's child.
Jason and Sam's attempt to reconcile is interrupted by a reporter with a disturbing cover about their honeymoon horror.
There is a big secret waiting to be uncovered and Michael gets one step closer to figuring it out.
With Sonny’s blessing, Michael refuses to testify against Starr and she wonders why.
When Maxie refuses to sign the deal, Spinelli tries to convince Matt to come forward.
Felicia seeks comfort from Anna.

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