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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Spoilers: Week of November 19th, 2013

Part 1: The Spencer Clan

-Robert, Anna, and Duke's disappearance are noticed by Luke. (11/18)
-We can expect Luke to take another break soon to go looking for them. (11/18)
-Liz confides in Patrick.  Patrick has a favor to ask of her.  (To stand up for him at his wedding?)
-Luke gets some welcomed news. He is cured.
-Luke tells Robin not to give up…claim her family! (11/20)
-Luke fills Nikolas in on the events at Cassadine island.

Part 2: The Quartermaines

 -Tracy attends the custody hearing to support Lulu. (11/18)
-A.J. is filled with hope when Elizabeth arrives for his trial. (11/20)
-Scott is stuck between Sonny and Julian in their ongoing battle.
-Franco checks up on Heather. He threatens her to stay away from Carly...or else!
-Scott calls Olivia to the stand as a witness for the prosecution in AJ's trial. (11/20)
-Sonny is called to testify as a witness for the prosecution. (11/20)
-Scott provides newly discovered security footage from the night of Connie's murder. (11/21)
-Diane challenges the validity of the Metro Court security footage. (11/21)

Part 3: Luxie

-Dante is forced to admit that his wife lied on the stand. (11/18)
-Spinelli is eager to have his say. (11/18)
-Dante is not happy that Lulu went so far in the hearing over the baby. (11/19)
-Relationships suffer after the custody hearing verdict is decided. (11/20)

Part 4:  Scrubs & Co.

-Brad is curious as to who is working in the lab in disguise. (11/18)
-Carlos sees Robin and recognizes her from somewhere. (11/18)
-Carlos warns Sabrina about Robin, who doesn't believe him. He also tells her that she can never replace Robin in Patrick's heart. And when he finds out that she’s really alive. Patrick will leave her in a
heartbeat. (11/19)
-Nikolas and Britt try to hide Robin when Luke arrives at Wyndemere. (11/19)
-Britt's secret about Ben is about to come out. (11/19)
-Robert and Anna get the jump on Jerry. (11/19)
-Faison intervenes when Duke persuades Liesl to switch sides. (11/19)
-Robin has second-thoughts.
-Britt wonders where her mother disappeared to. (11/21)
-Robin considers her right to interfere in Patrick's life. (11/21)
-Robin has a heart-to-heart with Nikolas
about the ramifications of her return.
-Sabrina confides in Felix about Carlos's claim. (11/21)
-Faison interrupts Nikolas and Britt during a heated kiss.
-Patrick witnesses a close moment between Brad and Felix.
-Britt and Nikolas adjust to this new phase of their relationship.
-Sabrina is deeply touched by a special gift. (11/22)
-Faison's love for Anna makes him put things in motion that will lead to a shocking conclusion. (11/22)
-Patrick and Sabrina's wedding day arrives and Robin is deeply affected. (11/22)


-The judge makes a decision in the custody hearing. (11/18)
-Will Spinelli prevail after all is said and done? (11/18)
-The aftermath of his wild bachelor party leaves Patrick and Liz in need of recovery.
-Sonny and Olivia are still drawn together and enjoy their new closeness. (11/19)
-AJ's trial begins. (11/20)
-Felix offers Carly a warning.
-What is Ava hiding? (11/21)
-Mac and Patrick have a heart-to-heart talk. (11/22)
-Michael, Monica and Kiki are at AJ's trial in a show of support.
-Luke faces off with an old enemy. (11/22)
-A surprising act leaves Anna stunned. (11/22)


Fans can expect a long awaited reunion this week!
Ava gives Patrick some news.
Patrick is urged to call off the wedding.
Sabrina begins her march down the aisle.
the tables are turned on Faison.

*long-term spoilers have a tendency of not being true. Please don’t shoot the messenger!!


Robin's successful research, once revealed, will bring a lot of attention.
Could there be more behind the explanation that Sabrina had/gave of why there are no photos of her mother?
A few interesting tidbits may be coming that is totally unexpected, but we are talking Ron Carlivati here so you shouldn’t be so surprised. Pay attention to this week when something will be revealed that will total make you say “WTF!!”
It has do to with Robin and what I am being told is that Robin may have a sibling she doesn’t know about. Could it be Kiki as it was mention awhile back that Ava isn’t really her mother. 
(Rumor for now) and another addition to her family also and its all thanks to the crazy insane Dr. Olbrect, that’s all I know for now but I was told to pay attention and remember these words.


Still hearing Ben is Lante’s child but before this is revealed, there will be a betrayal storyline going in Lulu and
Dante’s storyline. It is being speculated that it might be Lulu and Carlos but there’s a crossover love affair between the rival families involving Lante. So take this with a grain of salt for now.
As for Baby Connie’s story there is lots of mud-slinging and Diane is in this to help Damian and will double cross Maxie at some point. During the custody trial the judge is inclined to take Connie away
from both Lulu and Maxie after an altercation in court turns particularly ugly.
Rumor has it that Spinelli and Ellie win custody. Maxie has a breakdown and Lulu blames Dante. An deep insider mention that this last Friday the show had a goodbye cake for Bradford Anderson and
Emily Wilson who apparently won custody and leave PC. Both are recurring so don’t be surprised if we see them sooner than later.

Now here is something that is way way out there but again with Ron anything is possible. Julian may not be the top banana as we are led to believe. Carlos’s connection with the Rivera crime family, and his connection with Lily Corinthos just may the big story here. Is Lily still alive and is she the one behind all of the madness in Port Charles? Stranger things have happened and if this is true it won’t happen until 2014.

Plenty of fans have plenty to say about the cartoonization of Faison lately. But his portrayer Anders Hove loves every moment back in the (warmer, sunnier) States and hopes his villain isn’t killed off. He comes close, though.

In a November 4th interview with Michael Fairman, Hove also lavished his love and respect to long-time co-star Finola Hughes (Anna). As an actor, she’s his safe place. He knows when they get together
on-screen, it’s on. “I have known her for so many years. Now to come back to GH 10 years after, and then this year, and meet her on stage, it’s like we had never really been apart,” the Danish actor enthused.

“She gives me a lot of freedom in what I am doing. Finola allows me, and does it herself, to improvise while we are doing the scenes, not by changing the words, but we give and take a lot in a good sense. We give some juice to the scene, which is the true pleasure in working. I owe her a lot in the sense that, she was
really the one who taught me the craft of doing the soaps.”

Finola Hughes isn’t the only amazing, giving actor. With Hove, it’s an embarrassment of riches with these
experienced, established vets. Ian Buchanan (Duke) was a special find.

Believe it or not, these two have never really acted together much and only recent interacted a year ago. Buchanan’s GH character, however, has always been in the GH consciousness for Hove. Hove
singled out a recent scene where his character had to torture Buchanan’s.

Buchanan was all for whatever, anything for the scene—an actor’s dream. “I had this one scene where Faison had taken him down in the cellar, where I really treat him bad. That was one of my favorite
scenes, because as an actor, Ian let me do things. He plays along, and what happened, happens. It is a great feeling as an actor … feeling that confidence from your counterpart. It’s very rewarding,” Hove said.

Jackie Zeman returns to GH as Bobbie on November 27, with Carly and Luke. It’s a major involvement and not just a star cameo at someone else’s wedding, she said. She talked up head writer Ron Carlivati’s “fearlessness” in a recent Soap Opera Digest. She thought he was cool in the way he can write what he wants without too much censorship, just like the good old days she remembered fondly. She hoped to work more with other vets too, like Kristina Wagner (Felicia), Kin Shriner (Scotty), and Lynn Herring (Lucy). –
Soap Opera Digest

Port Charles fans get another opportunity this fall to see "General Hospital's" Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis). Grahn is having a meet and greet at Uncle Vinnie's Comedy Club in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ on Sunday
November 24 from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM. For tickets visit Uncle Vinnie's.

Actor Bo Linton returns to GH on November 15 as Dr. Richard Dosky. Linton may be remembered as a staff member of Ferncliff in Port Charles.

Tristan Rogers, who will last be seen on "General Hospital" during February Sweeps, will be reprising his role of Colin Atkinson on "Y&R," according to Soap Opera Digest. Rogers' character won't be
seen in Genoa City for a few months, but when he does he will be sharing scenes with Jess Walton's Jill.

Former "General Hospital" star, Jonathan Jackson (ex-Lucky Spencer) has signed a record deal with Loud & Proud Records. Jackson, who has been in the spotlight on ABC's musical drama "Nashville" is no
stranger to music and has been the front man for the indie/alternative rock band Enation which has been around since 2002. Currently, Jackson can be seen in "Nashville" which is in its second season,
airing Wednesdays at 10:00 PM on ABC.

Former "General Hospital" actor, Gregory Zarian (ex-Julius), will be on the ABC hit series "Revenge" this weekend in the episode "Secrecy." Zarian graced Port Charles with his presence in 2008 as Kate
Howard's (Megan Ward) sidekick.

On Sunday November 17, Zarian plays someone from Emily's (Emily VanCamp) past who Victoria (Madeline Stowe) is very much interested in. "Revenge" airs on ABC at 9:00 PM.

GH casting’s on the lookout for a 30-something brunette actress in what sounds like a recast.

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