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General Hospital 1
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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Spoilers: Week of June 23rd

These are the spoilers for the week of June 24th:

Liz and Nik have another falling out after she overhears (and misunderstands) Nik threatening AJ. Nik arranges for Liz to accidentally hear the recording of AJ on his phone.
Ava and Franco pretend to be close to make Kiki forgive them.
Franco asks Ava advice on what to do about Morgan.
Alexis talks to Nik about her issue with Shawn.
Taylor drops a bombshell on TJ and Molly.
Lulu, Dante, and Maxie finds out that she's having a little girl.
Felix slips and tells Britt that a DNA test is being done on the baby.
Lucy has an offer for Laura.

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