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General Hospital 1
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Monday, 20 August 2012

Spoilers: August 20th

These are the spoilers for the week of August 20th:

Luke checks out of the hospital and immediately chases after Anna.
After moving into the Metro Court, Joe Jr. meets Tracy.
He becomes smitten with her.
Todd tries to be a supportive friend to Carly.
Johnny is surprised to learn of Jax's return to Port Charles.
John McBain informs Sonny that Joe Jr. was released from prison with help from an unknown associate.
It appears that Jerry's plan is to spread a virus through the local water supply.
Jason asks Spinelli to dig into Ewen's past. Starr is very troubled by Trey's confession.
Look for Lulu and Dante to receive the results of her pregnancy test this week, and for them to make a big decision about their family.
Luke finally meets Heather's accomplice; Todd.

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