General Hospital 1

General Hospital 1
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Monday, 13 May 2013

Spoiler: Week of May 13th

These are the spoilers for the week of May 5th:

Lesley returns in time to talk to Laura about marrying Scott.
Liz asks AJ to be her date for Laura’s wedding.
Tracy threatens to tell Liz about A.J.'s tryst with Carly if he doesn't take responsibility for the relish debacle.

Tracy is not too busy with Pickle-Eddie to notice Luke's break from sobriety.
Olivia and Connie give Sonny some useful information.
Sonny and Carly receive shocking texts.
Dante walks in on a close moment between Lulu and Milo.
Michael rushes Morgan to the hospital when he finds his battered brother in the city.
Morgan actually comes up with a scheme to pay off his gambling debts.
Felix is sure that Britt is still up to something.
Sabrina can’t believe that Britt approached Patrick about moving in with him.
A singular event draws everyone in Port Charles together.

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