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General Hospital 1
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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Spoilers: Week of April 15th

These are the spoilers for the week of April 15th:

AJ gossips about Brenda and Michael to stick it to Carly.
Lucy, despite Alexis’ best efforts, is unable to adopt Rafe.
She suggests that Sam be Rafe’s guardian.
Sonny has a visitor, is it Connie or Kate?
Brenda makes Sonny and Carly miserable.
Rafe’s loneliness draws Molly closer. Which makes TJ jealous.
Lulu makes a shocking announcement.
Ellie gets Spinelli to help her find the truth about Lulu's baby.
Patrick tells Sabrina that Britt’s pregnancy won’t change things between them.
Scotty is tormented with jealousy over Luke and Laura.
Expect to hear more mentions....of Morgan.

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