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General Hospital 1
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Monday, 18 March 2013

Spoiler: Week of March 18th

These are the spoilers for the week of March 18th:

Scott catches Laura staring at a photo of Luke.
Liz offers AJ another chance, but it will mean that he has to perform at the Nurses' Ball.
Carly gives Todd another chance

John and Sam admit that they are afraid to act on their feelings. Milo is interested in Sabrina.

Ellie gives Michael and Starr the secret formula for Pickle-Lila.

Luke tells Lulu where he thinks the ice-princess fake came from.
Dante and Lulu invite Luke, Laura and Olivia over to look at the baby's sonogram.
Lulu disappears!!

Olivia has a premonition and urges Dante to go home.
Liz confronts Patrick about avoiding responding to Sabrina's confession.
Patrick claims he was caught by surprise by Sabrina's confession.
Scott gets some relationship advice from Lucy.
A Port Charles resident going missing causes tension to rise to a boiling point. Trouble shows up in Port Charles and a  connection is revealed.
Vatican Interruptus: Look for General Hospital to celebrate it's 50th anniversary on April 2, not April 1. The one-day shift is the result of Wednesday's show being preempted by the announcement that the
cardinals had selected Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina the new Pontiff aka Pope Francis.

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