General Hospital 1

General Hospital 1
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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Spoilers: Week of October 22nd.

These are your spoilers for the week of October 22nd:

After dramatic events unfold, Monica receives the shocking news.
Todd has to deal with Connie’s demand for a job as an editor at Crimson.
Starr confronts Johnny about marrying the woman responsible for killing Hope and Cole.
Carly almost catches Todd with the DNA test.
Sonny fears that Kate may be gone forever.
Sonny assures Trey that Kate is not the monster that Trey thinks she is.
Sam overhears Patrick trash talking Jason. 
Sonny, Trey, Michael, and Starr discover Joe Jr. is running on the loose after threatening Starr.
Dante is called away and Maxie stops by to visit. Lulu breaks the news to Maxie, who reminds her possibilities of a baby aren’t over.
Olivia has a premonition about Heather.
Patrick is upset with someone's choices.

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